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Orgone Zapper El Silverado

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El Silverado Zapper

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The El Silverado Zapper is our Orgone zapper with pure silver.

All the components are identical to the Orgone Zapper Standard but this zapper comes with electrodes made from .9999 fine silver. This may have the added benefit of inducing traces of colloidal silver via the skin. (Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal remedy; this has been known for millennia. Its medicinal uses are traceable back to ancient Greece and Egypt.)

Many users have also reported a positive vibrational quality of the silver. Please note that the pure silver can easily oxidise on contact with the skin, especially when an electrical current is applied. This may cause black spots to appear on your skin. It is not easy to remove them with soap but they will disappear on their own after a few days. They are not harmful, but you may not like them for aesthetic reasons. If you feel that this could be a concern for you, please choose the Orgone Zapper Standard or the Orgone Zapper Eldorado instead.

  • Life-Long guarantee: Whatever is wrong with your zapper, you send it back to us, we fix it. You only pay for the postage to us.  

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Orgone zapper with pure silver on your skin!

All components are identical to the Orgone Zapper Standard, only that the electrodes are made from .9999 fine silver.
This may have the added benefit of inducing traces of colloidal silver via the skin.
Many users have also noted a positive vibrational quality of the silver.


Frequency: 15 Hz pulsed DC
Battery: 9V PP3 due to airline restrictions we can not send the 9v battery with the zapper
Electrodes: Fine silver .9999
Removable Velcro Strap
2.5 mm micro socket for external devices
Neodymium Magnet 10.3 x 3 mm
Mobius coil, protected by boundary wire
Orgonite block
Amethyst crystal coiled into "tail" lead wire
Garnet crystal coiled into "head" lead wire
LED to show on/off status

The new El Silverado

Please note: The pure silver does easily oxidise on skin contact, especially with the effect of electrical current. This can cause black spots to appear on your skin. They are not easily removed with soap but dissapear on their own after a few days. (silver salts) They are not harmful, but you may not like them for esthetic reasons.

If you feel that this could be of concern for you, please chose the Orgone Zapper Standard or the Orgone Zapper Eldorado.

Additional Information

Avail_time No
Manufacturer Orgonise Africa

Customer Reviews

Very satisfied Review by JK
Using this zapper since arrival. Feel great, feel energized, feel awesome! People ask about it all the time. Good advertisement is wearing it in public to get peoples interest, Nobody can stop the avalanche of the people.

Like it says in the book:
Free Energy Generation - Circuits & Schematics by John Bedini and Tom Bearden 1984-2004

F*** Rotchild
And his New World Order
gang of jackals.
Let's ruin their satanic plans!
(Posted on 14/09/2015)
Zapper Review by SHAHRILL Nil
Didn't notice anything much with the zapper or maybe it's just me. In my opinion,the best product is still the Lapis Lazuli Towerbuster period!! (Posted on 01/09/2015)
Good quality for a reasonable price Review by Leo Blommestijn
This version of the zapper has improved now the on-off button has a shorter lever. The previous version we used in our family didn't survive after four years of periodic intensive use. I still think this is the best deal in the market. And now even better than before. (Posted on 22/07/2015)
I am stunned at how well this works! Review by neha
okay.... so i have been researching Orgone and zappers for a very long time and i finally decided to take the leap of faith and just order one for myself. I ordered the Silver Orgone zapper from Orgonise Africa and i promise you i was so sceptical where my money had gone. Been using it religiously for 2-3 weeks now...just an hour every night while i meditated... since the last three days i have been noticing these small round beady things floating in my morning stools. There are hundreds of them... i didn't pay attention on the first day and the second day i wondered whether i had eaten whole grains or flax seeds/ quinoa or soemthing that was making this happen. But NO i hadn't! Today morning, curiosity took better of me and i used a wad of tissues to scoop some of those beads out. Under my daughters microscope and i was aghast!! These were eggs! I have been on the internet this morning and i have found out that they are parasite/ tapeworm eggs , probably dead and being expelled.
In the the last three weeks i have done nothing different to my diet or lifestyle except use this zapper. I have read and heard about the abilities of zappers to rid parasites quickly but i wasn't expecting this at all! yes i am grossed out wondering what my insides contain but All my doubts have vanished and i am ordering a few more to gift my loved one. Thanks George. This is great work!
Lots of love.
-Neha (Posted on 10/06/2015)
Highly recommended! Review by Judith
Hi, just to say that this wonderful Silverado Zapper features on which is a one-stop shop for body, mind and spirit for those wishing to survive vibrantly after cancer diagnosis- and if you are on the Ph way of eating you don't even get the black marks...anyway I had 'evidence of microscopic parasites' as my naturopath said when he did a micro-analysis of my blood- I chose not to take more supplements but strap on a zapper instead--result? At my next blood test, NO parasites! Job done! And Georg is such a courteous and prompt responder to mails- can't praise this service too highly-and do pass on the cansurviving site to others- welcome aboard our survivor-ship, Orgonise Africa and all others.. (Posted on 14/04/2015)
Great tool for health Review by Carrie from Chicago
I love these devices. They seem to really help. I sleep with mine on my foot almost every night. If I don't use it when I sleep, I strap it on my calf for a half hour or so then switch legs to prevent the black marks. I believe it helps with keeping me from colds and the flu as I haven't been sick yet this winter season. I do other things as well, but this is something I can do every day. I'm mostly writing this review to help with cleaning them. While the copper ones are easily cleaned with a little lemon juice, the silver ones are not. I have found that a very little dab of Crest Whitening Plus "whatever" will polish it right up and take away all the black stuff. I just put a dab on the end of a cotton swab, push it around the silver circle, then wipe the excess off with toilet paper and take the other end of the cotton swab and wet it to clean off any residue from the toothpaste, then dry it on a hand towel. Lucky for me my husband still uses the stuff. (Posted on 04/04/2015)
Amazing product Review by Sukhi
I purchased the zapper for my sister who suffers from chronic back pain, low energy, fever and sickness. Within 30 minutes of using the zapper she felt a burst of energy. Her back pain diminished and she felt full of energy. It is a miracle. I will keep you updated. Thank you very much! (Posted on 27/10/2014)
Amazing product Review by Sukhi
I purchased the zapper for my sister who suffers from chronic back pain, low energy, fever and sickness. Within 30 minutes of using the zapper she felt a burst of energy. Her back pain diminished and she felt full of energy. It is a miracle. I will keep you updated. Thank you very much! (Posted on 27/10/2014)
Always on Board Review by ib
Using the Silverado zapper every day when i am in the airplane. Haven't fallen really sick since. Neither from being in the aircraft or at layovers in hotels. However, i still try to find out the correlation of getting the black spots and how i feel when i am getting them. It might be coincidence but every time i come off a particularly "dirty" aircraft or being around sick people or feeling run down myself, i seem to get immense dark marks from zapping. Recently i felt as i am coming down with something, went to bed with the zapper, woke up feeling fine with a huge black spot. Then i am going for weeks without a single mark, Really curious whats going on there.
Just ordered an El Dorado and can't wait to see how this one feels! So far the best work/travel companion for my job. However, would like to send one for repair as it fell down, since then the on/off switch got sort of a loose contact.
Thanks for making this amazing little devices!! (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Liking my experience overall. Thank you. Review by Kat
About a month ago I received the unit. I have used other zappers in the the past few years. Since receiving my silverado, I've noticed the following: First my sleep has improved, much deeper than before. I was waking quite often and making trips to the bathroom which has decreased considerably. I've worn it overnight on occasion. I do feel the slight vibration of the zapper, which is quite pleasant. Most notable is that my energy level is twice as high as it normally is while wearing it during the day. I clean the silver with an eraser - easily. (Posted on 20/07/2014)
for digestion/bloat and rheumatism Review by colleen
After using the el silverado zapper for a few weeks, what I thought was a combination of stomach fat and bloating from poor digestion must have been mainly related to digestion. I zapped almost every day, from 2 hours up to 11 hours on one occasion. My stomach has reduced by at least 7 cm. Thank you zapping. When rain is due, I usually get some sort of rheumatic pain in 2 fingers on my left hand. When this happened 3 days ago, I looked up my acupuncture meridian charts and put the zapper on my wrist of the meridian which goes through the most painful finger. It eased the pain within 20 minutes, and it was completely gone within an hour. Thank you again. I am having a lovely time fiddling with the zapper in conjunction with acupressure points, acupuncture meridians, jin shin jitsu points, and any thing else I can think of, because it works. (Posted on 13/06/2014)
I like this zapper. Best value I know of if you're looking to buy one. Review by Julie E
There are a few different people out there selling their own style of zapper. I think that, for the price, this one is the best value. The built in orgonite and other assorted mystical accessories are nice if that floats your boat, but what I really like about this zapper is the built in, sturdy velcro strap, which makes wearing it during everyday activities a snap. There are cheaper zappers out there but using them for any length of time is an exercise in frustration. Whether you've used a zapper before and know what they're good for or you're interested in trying one for the first time I'd recommend this product. (Posted on 16/05/2014)
el silverado simple Zapper Review by Charis theodorou
easy to use, stylish and lightweight
I feel healthy after use it!!!
i hope to use all the people for their health (Posted on 14/05/2014)
a product to be recommended Review by Monika Diamantopoulou
this zapper is really a fantastic product, it helps me in all physical pains and difficult situations, the only thing is i would like it to be accompagne with some more use instructions. thank you so much for that amazing help in my life! (Posted on 14/05/2014)
Nice product Review by Jonas N
My second Zapper. Looks good. Delivery time 3 weeks to Sweden. Not as well built as my Don Croft Terminator II but this device has silver electrodes which I prefer and the output socket on the side which the Terminator lacks. Nice strap included and a nice price compared to my old one. I salute all your great work in Africa!

Jonas (Posted on 27/03/2014)
Over all satisfied with purchase. Review by Wiiliam Dressel
Zapper included every thing that I was looking for . however, the Velcrow strap had to be completely reworked to be functional . it's difficult not to loose patience on slow delivery time.

Comment: the delivery on the free economy shipping can sometimes take quite long. But that's not always so. Hence the description 1-6 weeks for this option. A fast courier option is available, but naturally at a price. We do not know what the commentator means regarding the velcro strap. We sue ours every day without experiencing any problems.
(Posted on 20/02/2014)
Highly recommended the use of zappers for prevention or in curing some health issues. Review by Renea Wells
I have personally been using zappers for 10 yrs or longer. I used to have chronic sinus problems and my daughter had serious bowel issues. Our favorite doctor recommended zappers and in about 3 to 4 months time we realized our health issues were no longer issues! When I became a grandmother we put zappers on the babies foot and kept in place by a sock, so as they wouldn't become zapped. They were healthy as long as we continued. I can always tell when the battery becomes weak as sinuses start to. Other me just a little. Recently I perched 2 zappers for close friends who are battling cancer and am hopeful the zapper may have healing effects for that purpose too! I will say I recommend the el silverado rather than the standard zapper as the standard zappers wires seen to have problems with staying where they should. With that said I HIGHLY recommend using zappers for prevention or in healing health issues. (Posted on 13/02/2014)
Best zapper in its class Review by Claude Belanger
Nice tough for the strap on the cover, best price in his class, do what it is made for (Posted on 28/01/2014)
love it Review by monika pirohacova
thank you and I am about to order one for my brother
monika (Posted on 12/01/2014)
Threat of Thrombosis Review by Donna Deane
On my recent Journey from Europe to New Zealand I used my El Silverado Zapper to help in combating swollen sore Dangerous thrombosis. It helped my aching legs and reduced the swelling and pain that I was at the time experiencing. I Call my Zapper my best friend I take it With my every where and use it everyday often all day - this I find gives me Peace of mind and helps the reduce physical pain I seem to live With. Thank you El Silverado Zapper for contributing to a better quality of my life.
Donna Deane (Posted on 10/01/2014)
Can feel it working... Review by S Lightwave
not sure what its doing but its doing something! only one electrode turned black but they said that's normal or something. its only left black circles on my skin twice in the beginning and does not now, so idk why its not. I ordered under the Christmas special though and got charged full price. I sent them a reminder email and they told me the money was sent back to my account, which it never was. so I don't understand the deal there, I know they claim they don't have enough people/time to deal with these sorts of things but that comes with providing a service. the item is okay hut the service was subpar as they chose never to answer my emails asking about the 20$ that never made it back to me, then had the nerve to send ME an email asking for my review, so here it is... items okay, service is not! (Posted on 07/01/2014)
Those are the originals people. Confirmed. (Posted on 01/01/2014)
great product Review by Jeff
stopped the flu few times. Instead of 3-4 weeks, the cold lasted 2 days.

Highly recommended. (Posted on 29/12/2013)
Urination improvement Review by Polydefkis Papadopoulos
There has been a remarkable improvement in urination. Especially I suffered from the
so called syndrome of "overactive bladder", meaning that I had to urinate every two (2) hours. This is an annoying situation specifically during the night. Now this time frame
has been expanded to three or even four hours.
Thank you. (Posted on 28/12/2013)
My life saver Review by Caroline
I was really sick when i was doing cleansings, i could take so much plants in any form and that
Would be really strong in the over all feelings.
My 4 first liver cleansings were outrageous, i could not see myself finishing the all program even though
I thought i was tough.
Then the zapper came......
It s hard for me to describe how i feel in front of that tiny box, it saved my life, it helps me sleep so well, helps me relax, less body sensations.
But the magic came when i did the fifth cleansing..
I was counting only on my tiny box, i was praying over her almost crying because i knew i needed to do all the cleansings ( i have lost thousands of calculs all colours shapes and sizes some over 3 cm during my 4 first )
And i needed an help to over come all the physical and emotional implosions .

The night of the fifth when i was shaking from fear, i pressed my tiny box really hard on my belly ( liver )
And i waited, waited, waited and then i was so excited nothing happened i couldnt sleep:)
I stay steel as much as possible until at least 5 am then i take a little aloe vera organic it is good on my stomac acidity
A good thing to rehydrates is coconut water fresh and organic.

Yes, my tiny box answered my prayer and drove me safe to the other side.

Today, any sensations i have, belly, ovaries, throat i know what to hug :)
Sometimes i am scared, i am so scared to lose it.

if i had to take one thing with me on the rocking moon, that would be my tiny box ( and some water ).
Thank you with all my heart to all of you with your magic hands and your rainbow heart to bring to life a real friend
A soul that can only exist within sunny devoted open people.

I feel truly blessed you exist.


(Posted on 17/12/2013)
very useful Review by Brigitte Payr
I use it twice a day, gives good energy. Not so good are the brown, black spots of the silver plates on my skin. they disappear after 2 or 3 days. (Posted on 24/10/2013)
Even Better Review by AB
After I tried standard orgone zapper, I purchased the elsilverado. This stuff does even better than the standard. Feel my body and my feeling very clear and calm. Makes my hair and nail grow faster. I use elsilverado when sleeping everday on my palm for maintaining general health. More, my little box creates a conversation. I am promoting this to relatives and friends for their better health. Thanks OrgoniseAfrica. (Posted on 20/01/2013)
Great Zapper! Review by Mark
After seeing the build quality (and effectiveness) of the basic zapper from Orgonise Africa I decided to treat myself to one of their Orgone Zapper El Silverado models. I have been using it regularly ever since and the fairly regular colds and cold related ailments I was experiencing have been kicked out of the park! I also noticed an initial "clear out" after a few days of use and feel that it works extremely well as a detoxification device. Value for money for wise you can't go wrong with these, and if it is a little too expensive the orgone zapper with copper or even the basic zapper are also very good units. (Posted on 24/04/2012)
The best thing for your health Review by desertguy
This little device has probably been the most positive thing I've ever done for my health, in my life. My body has been expelling worms (I've seen the evidence) and my craving for sugar is now practically zero. On top of that is a pervading sense of calm that is with me all the time. I really hope that more people find out about these. (Posted on 18/10/2011)
If you know what it does, it does it. Review by Yadi
I just want to say that silver is the best orgone conductor. So, this zapper, in addition to the zapping for physical reasons, is great for many other reasons. My experience is an immediate deep feeling of energy pulse through my whole system. Dramatic removal of harmful organisms, chemicals and toxic biofield energy. Only two of those can really be measured, the third us mostly a sensation. Great stuff! (Posted on 04/05/2011)
el silverado Review by leroy
what a excellent product i been using this for a week now the one thing this makes me sleep because of the powerful combination of orgone,neodymium magnet and moebuis coil and collidal silverl this is a must for your immume system with a good diet of good alkaline food with greens will avoid skin burning when using this excellent product (Posted on 27/07/2010)
el silverado Review by Leroy
i just brought the el silverado and i got it last week monday 19 july 2010 i use it every day since it's early stage for me to give a full conclusion so far i used it i feel very relaxed makes me sleeps you feel sometimes the current in your body it's a good for detoxing the body as well as it's restore the Ph balance in your body keep up the good work team organise africa (Posted on 26/07/2010)
I consider this a miracle Review by CHL
Dear Georg,

I gave a silverado zapper to a colleague as she was "too poor" to afford one. To her astonishment, she recovered totally from all her ailments within one night of zapping!

I consider this a MIRACLE!

I wonder why the conventional medicine doesn't embrace the humble zapper with both arms?

This morning her face was glowing, she was bounding with energy, and she was so happy! She said she regretted not taking my advice to buy a zapper months earlier, as she looked only at the prices and not the write-ups.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

(Posted on 05/05/2010)
Excellent Review by JR
Eliminates sciatic pain, headaches, tension, nervousness, allergy symptoms, and things I'm still finding out about!
We feel much better, and after being exposed to toxic chemicals, I had to clean off one of the electrodes that filtered them out of my system!
Great item! (Posted on 03/05/2010)
excellent for cleansing the blood Review by Alex
I have three of these, two of which are the standard zapper and this one silver one, I will give one to a friend if they tell me about an ailment. I wear this often overnight, or throughout the day attached to my leg when I'm cycling or walking to and from work. It seems to work on multiple levels over the body, for me it sorts out candida fungus whiilst energizing you from the orgone and magnets.

I find myself having clearer skin and brighter complexion also after wearing for 2 hours in the day, always attached to back of my right leg.

For sleep I have worn on the bottom of my foot and have woken very 'light'. I will always turn to this device for helping my body fight any problems it comes up against.

Thanks Orgonise Africa.

Alex (Posted on 25/04/2010)
The zapper really works! Review by Sander van Kleef
Dear Orgonise Africa,

I am using the ElSilverado zapper for about 6 weeks now, and the results are amazing. I had a corn under my little toe for a few years and i couldn's get rid of it (even after trying all the things from the drugstore). After 3 weeks of zapping it just fell out. At first i was happy, but still a bit afraid of the hole it left under ky toe. Now after 6 weeks of zapping, it is completely recovered and the hole is gone.

I also zap my big toe, because i have a severe type of nail lime. Again i tried all the stuff from the drugstore for more than 2 years, but it only seemed to get worse. Untill i starting zapping my big toe. Now after 4 weeks it looks like the nail is regenerating and the nail lime is growing out.

It's Fantastic! because nail lime is very ugly.

For the rest i don't have much other problems, but in general i feel good when i am zapping.

Keep up this fantastic work!

Sander van Kleef
Netherlands (Posted on 21/04/2010)
Healing Powers Review by Michael
I bought my first EL Silverado a few years ago. It was just an awesome mind opening experience. Since then I have purchased four more units. My children use them when they are feeling sick and within 24 hours they are symptom free. They don't ask for medications or vitamins they ask for their Orgone Zappers. I am simply amazed by how these little miracles machines have worked. I strap two on, one on each calf. They are so powerful that when I don't zap for a while I experience something called die off which is nothing other then my body detoxifying from the death of all the organisms that shouldn't be inside me.For a day it is like I have the flu then I feel amazing for days. This unit serves me in so many ways. I make Colloidal Silver with it and I hook it put to my small orgone wand. These guys a miracle workers! Thanks! (Posted on 28/03/2010)
Excellent Product Review by enkiji
Hello Dear ones,
I bought this item about 6 months ago.
I can tell you this is a one stop solution for every thing.
Other than zapping,
the silver ions help kill germs,
neodymium magnet helps,
orgone chi creates positive scalar field around body and it can also be used for radionics with your intentions.

Overall 5/5.
A must have in your kitty !!! (Posted on 19/03/2010)
Zapper effective with pinworms and candida Review by Louise
From: Louise


Hello Orgonite Africa!

I just had to tell you about my experiences with my zapper I ordered from you. After doing a lot of research on the subject I was finally willing to have faith in the electro-treatment and got one of my very own! I now know for a FACT that this works, and I’ll tell you why.

I had pin worms, which had obvious symptoms. I got rid of a lot of them through the right herbs and I saw the little dead buggers come out. Well, I obviously could not get them all because my symptoms returned. But instead of getting rid of them again the same way, I thought I’d wait for my zapper and experiment to see if it could get rid of them by zapping them.

Well, after a week of side effects from the zapper including very intense “under the skin” itching all over, few accidental acid burns and increased bowel movements I have to say all pin worm symptoms have ceased. More over, I believe it has solved my Candida problem which started 2 years ago after trying the birth control pill. I went off the pill after two months because of the intense sugar cravings (it had ruined my sex drive anyway). I however never recovered and have gained 10 kilos since. A lot for a 20 year old with a pretty good metabolism. Sorry to be so personal, but just wanted to express how damaging medication can be.

I am now on a diet to lose weight, and I have to say that sometimes I have to be careful I don’t eat too little! My sugar cravings have subsided, and now I only think about food when I’m actually hungry. I’ll go a whole day moving around at work and not even stop to eat! I have to put down my past sugar cravings to the parasites in my system. I mean, I used to eat a fast food meal DAILY, a whole large pizza in one sitting was do-able.

So, even though my health is regained I am still addicted to using the zapper, which leads me to the orgonite. I never really believed it all that much, but it’s helped my energy work so much. I feel the energy straight away when I put it on and the feeling of euphoria it gives is addictive. I’m even beginning to see my aura which I never could before.

I could not imagine a better health and spiritual device, so thankyou for providing the service, I am greatly appreciative.

Kind Regards,

(Posted on 27/02/2010)

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