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Standard Orgone Zapper

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Orgone Zapper Standard

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Our classic Terminator style orgone zapper with copper electrodes. Fantastic value for Money. Zapper with orgonite block, mobius coil, gemstones and magnet for added healing ppwer. 

Download the zapper e-book here.




Orgone Zapper with Copper Electrodes

Terminator style orgonite Clark Zapper with a sophisticated System of orgone energy enhancing components, hence the name Orgone Zapper.

This Orgone zapper is tried and tested since 2002!

An orgonite block, a neodymium magnet, a mobius coil, an amethyst crystal and a garnet are being used to enhance the bioenergetic field of the wearer and thereby stimulate healing processes and lift the general well being. Copper electrodes are well established and effective in Orgone zappers and all other types of zappers and work very well in this configuration. 

Orgonite, gemstones, coils and magnets helping to achieve superior orgone healing power


Frequency: 15 Hz pulsed DC
Battery: 9V PP3 due to airline restrictions we can not send the 9v battery with the zapper
Electrodes: Copper

Removable Velcro Strap
2.5 mm micro socket for external devices
Neodymium Magnet 10.3 x 3 mm
Mobius coil, protected by boundary wire
Orgonite block
Amethyst crystal coiled into "tail" lead wire
Garnet crystal coiled into "head" lead wire
LED to show on/off status

Additional Information

Avail_time No
Manufacturer Orgonise Africa

Customer Reviews

Has a calming soothing energy Review by Clare
This zappefeels so good to use, it seems to have a calming effect which is clearly down to the orgonite as my other zapper without orgonite doesn't have the same effect.
The service was excellent. I had some difficulty getting the lid to close and Kat and Georg had endless patience with me in showing me how to do it. Will definitely buy again form this company, In fact wish I had ordered more stuff along with the zapper as postage is quite high to Ireland. (Posted on 14/07/2017)
Great Product Review by Victor Yeung
Super fast, great product (Zapper). Will surely buy again after some use!! (Posted on 02/03/2017)
only thing that would give relief Review by Michael B
I have had two of your zappers for over
five years now, still going strong. I have used them all over the
world as I travel alot and sometimes the only thing that would give
relief from pain and sickness was my beloved zapper. (Posted on 13/09/2016)
Sleeping well Review by Bradman
I've had my zapper for a little under two weeks now. Two big changes have taken place in such a short period of time: I'm sleeping like a log and my skin tone/quality has improved dramatically. I strap the zapper underneath my right foot while I sleep (8 hours) at night. In the first week my hair became really strong, although has since subsided - I hope this returns. Hair has a nice shine to it too.

I do hope this is just the start and there is more to come. Thanks to you both. (Posted on 19/02/2016)
zapper Review by geoff winn
Interesting little box. I am mostly impressed with the service. I have ordered things in America that have taken longer to arrive than the package from South Africa. Will have more to say about the zapper after I have used it more. (Posted on 25/08/2015)
Zapper Review by Fair-minded
Purchased Orgone Zapper before one year. After fair use didn't feel any good or pad but little pain on muscle of zapping side of the body. Not sure if it is effective or not. (Posted on 21/08/2015)
my dog and I are in love with this zapper Review by David
my dog recently was diagnosed with a malignant mast cell tumor. I ordered this zapper and SP to rid her body of parasites and cancer cells. I have put it on her for an hour at a time the past couple nights, and she immediately stretches out and doesn't move as soon as I put it on. She becomes so happy and still, I can just tell that she feels the subtle electricity and she really seems to enjoy it. I wear my zapper attached to the SP all throughout my day off and on, and I can feel the positive effects immediately. I will be ordering more soon, for family members. Everyone should have a zapper and wand if they value their health in this parasitic laden world! (Posted on 24/07/2015)
Great product. Thanks!!!! (Posted on 17/07/2015)
Everyone should have one Review by Linda Zimmer
I had bad back & knee pain. Went to the chiropractor who only helped a little. The next day I used the zapper, first on my knee, then on my lower back. Lo & behold my back cracked and the pain was gone. I'm impressed. I've used the zapper for colds & infections but never as a pain reliever. Maybe it's the copper terminals that helped. I'm impressed with its versatility & ease of use. (Posted on 16/07/2015)
good product Review by jose perez
Good product (Posted on 15/07/2015)
It really works Review by Brazilian Lady
I got the orgone zapper standard and felt the first results in less than one week. I could saw parasites in the toilet, I was really surprised because I didn't know I was infested by parasites. I am addicted to the zapper now! It is a wonderful device. (Posted on 09/07/2015)
Great stuff Review by Johan Harlaar
I have had the zapper for almost 2 years now and I still wear it every day. I am never sick. On a funny note: I spend 5 months in the jungle in Peru studying with shamans and I met a guy who was wearing the same zapper as myself. George you are a star. Just to let you know that they go world wide. (Posted on 14/10/2014)
If you feel it's lost it's 'kick' Review by Matt
This zapper is amazing! I could feel the healing energy almost instantly, and I have felt much more clear headed since using it, it has made meditation so much more effective. I have also been using it on my cats. The have had works for a couple of weeks and I was debating whether to use harsh chemicals on them or not. Since using the zapper on them, the amount of dead worms I see on them is much reduced, I only see at most one a day (sometimes not at all) when before I would see them constantly. It has taken a lot of heavy zapping (and will take a bit more to completely clear up), and it is difficult to get them to keep it on for long periods, but they are well on their way to recovery without chemicals.

One thing I did notice is that after a few days of heavy use, I could not feel the effects any more as if it had 'lost it's kick'. The problem was the copper terminals were in a sad state, corroded and covered in dirt by the look of them. I cleaned them thoroughly with some lemon juice and it was as good as the first time I used it. (Posted on 10/07/2014)
Excellent Review by Nic108
I like this zapper a lot. It doesn't burn my skin like the inexpensive zapper I first bought. (Posted on 18/06/2014)
Fantastic Product at Low Price Review by GURINDER KALER
I have never written a single review in my life.But This product made me do so.Orgone Zapper is a wonderful device for my family to have around.It has helped me in healing my back pain and as well as detoxifying my body.I checked other zappers from various websited buy they were too costly and they were not having this Orgone energy implant in them which give an extra edge of pure energy.My whole family use it time and again and it Rocks..
(Posted on 28/05/2014)
Supersonic Orgone Zapper for the Whole World Review by Sam Muthu
I have received my shipment , Thank you so much and god bless you. Sir you have kept the price so down so that all walk of people (Asian, African, American, Australian & European) can buy the health product ( No like the Greedy Sellers)and the quality of the product so good. Is there any Idea in the future that you company will sell Dr Beck zapper. (Posted on 16/05/2014)
Good Product Review by Anonymous
I have been using zappers since 2010 with good results. This is electricity as medicine. The only issue is that if you are using it for 12 hours a day or more, the battery goes fast.

This has helped stop food cravings and pain from broken bones. (Posted on 16/05/2014)
good product Review by Carrie Willingham
seems to be as promised and I would buy one again (Posted on 15/05/2014)
Fantastic product Review by Todor Stamatov
I use this product for personal cleansing of bad energies. Also I connect the device to the quantum scalar vortex imprinting plate and it provide me a great EMF protection and huge amount ot positive energy. (Posted on 14/05/2014)
Love it Review by River Roman
I can actually feel the power coursing through my body. I know I am dumping parasites by the millions. I wear mine every day. I love that I have tools to protect myself from the negativity in the world. (Posted on 14/05/2014)
question Review by nathalie

I have a question: how often do you must zap? do you for example follow treatment? or every day??

A: every day at least 30 minutes (Posted on 07/05/2014)
Amazing product! Review by Chris Holden
I have chronic knee and ankle pain(need knee replacement) for many years now.My old basic zapper(no orgone) was no longer usable,I had sanded down the contacts(pennys)not realizing that penny are zinc and this is not a great contact material.So time for a new one, I saw OA had the orgone zappers for a great price I went for it!
I recently have been laid up on my couch due to knee pain for 3 weeks,the fourth week the zapper arrived and I put the zapper on and slept with it and the next day the pain was reduced so much I couldn't believe it! for the first week I wore it 24/7 after 2-3 days the pain was pretty much gone!now I wear it off and on,If my knee is sore I put it on and after a few hours its much better.I cant say enough about this thing!!! (Posted on 04/05/2014)
Fabulous! Review by Mich
Thank you so much for the orgone Zapper, since I have been using it I have had better general moods and a lighter clearer mind.. I also have had more energy and generally feel more healthy in body and mind. The orgone zapper makes me feel really good and happy.. chilled out.. so I like to wear it most of the day but I take it off at night. I bought another one for loved ones as I think they could benefit from this devices healing capabilities. I think that in the next few years the world is going to be going through a lot of ' major changes' and many people should have atleast one of these in their homes for medical and healing purposes so I got another one. I hope that the Ebola virus doesn't spread any more than it already has.. there are so many new diseases appearing out of nowhere so it's good to have a zapper for back up purposes anyway since we know it is good at killing virus's. (Posted on 29/04/2014)
Excellent benefits from using the Orgone Zapper Review by Jeffery Fischer
The Orgone Zapper arrived in good condition. It does work well as I have noticed much improvement in my bodily health. Thanks for making this product available to me. (Posted on 23/03/2014)
Every home should have one! Review by Warren Taylor
Have had a Zapper for some time and have just purchased another 4 for family and friends.
I guess that is about as good an endorsement as I can give. Every home should have at least one zapper and use it regularly, daily in my case. It has assisted my recovery since having a liver transplant and my Hep.C is no longer active. Do yourself a favour! (Posted on 20/02/2014)
Excellent Service, Excellent Product. Second to None! Review by Ryan Johnson
I prefer to buy from Orgonise Africa because of quality, care, and integrity. Even though I live in the USA, I still prefer to buy from them. (Posted on 07/01/2014)
(Posted on 05/01/2014)
excellent product Review by Sergio Pinto
This zapper has a great price/quality and i would recommend it to anyone. I consider myself healthy and not the fast food eating type of person, so i havent noted dramatic changes after one month, other than more vivid dreams, focused and well being overall. My mother have rheumatoid arthritis for many years, and she said its somehow alleviating the pain and her swollen hand have reduced in size. Of course i dont expect for a disease thats living with her for many years to be treated within one month so lets wait and see! Thanks georg and orgoniseafrica team! (Posted on 02/01/2014)
Really Happy with this Review by Janet McCarron
It works! Also easy to use. The price good and the service excellent.
Cannot wait to buy more products. (Posted on 28/10/2013)
Are you a Thomas : Try it Review by JCOB
Hello George,
A medical doctor came to my office and found me zapping. I explained what I was doing and its benefits. The professional brushed me off.
Two months down the road ulcers attached and in desperation requested to try the zapper.
The doctor is back to work and now has but praise for the product. I ask all doubting Thomas's out there to just try it.
Thanks for this beautiful product.
Be Blessed
John Charles (Posted on 17/05/2013)
Great quality product Review by Katia
We decided to buy only one zapper... My husband and I often fight on whose turn it is to use! The zapper had literally changed our lives for the better... We are thanks to the zapper, more balanced and healthy human beings, having a great positive outlook on life. Try it!!! (Posted on 24/04/2013)
It Really Works Review by AB
Better health overall, no flus, no headache, more focus after zapping for the first 3 months. Then when I quit zapping, I loss my energy, concentration even the regular headaches came again. I bought 6 of them in total for my family members. Very recommended for everyone. You won't believe it until you try. Thanks OrgoniseAfrica :) (Posted on 20/01/2013)
zapper vs osteoporosis Review by george
hello everybody.i wonder if zapper can help versus osteoporosis!
please if someone knows something about this,write his opinion here.
thank you.. (Posted on 13/08/2012)
Adieu les médicaments poison Review by Maxime
Je possède ce dispositif depuis 2010 et depuis février 2011 je n'ai plus connu la maladie. Si je me sent un peu faible, je l'enroule autour de ma cheville et je passe une bonne nuit. L'effet négatif après une longue séance. On se sent un peu déshydraté. Bref je recommande fortement pour le renforcement des défenses immunitaire. (Posted on 10/07/2012)
"Here put this on. It won't hurt you, just do it." Review by Donald Garrett
Georg, thank you for the fantastic prices and high quality of your zappers. We keep extra standard and turbo zappers in the first-aid kit (batteries separate) and more on hand as loaners.
For immediate situations we're more like, "Here put this on. It won't hurt you, just do it." We keep an eye on them, watching out for healing crisis if they've lived large slamming themselves with factory foods, pharmaceuticals, etc.
Of course we've sent them to our parents and loved ones, but it takes extra care following up and educating them as well. Some will misuse it, most will blow it off because it's not a pill or they ask their doctor (!) about it, but if we stick with it they usually come around. Especially if we can get them to wear it long enough and consistently enough for parasite kill. Seems to blow the fungo off their minds at the same time, making them easier to talk to and also they seem to spontaneously start taking better care of themselves.

Love to you and yours from Jasmine and I! Thanks again! (Posted on 09/04/2012)
Sleep like a baby Review by Anna
Since I have received the zapper, I have been sleeping like never before. It is incredible. (Posted on 13/10/2011)
Thrilled with my second zapper Review by Rocky
After wearing my original zapper for several years, it has taken some abuse...I've been through a couple of straps (generously and courteously provided by Georg), and in the last year the neodymium magnet fell out. Please note that this is not because the product is in any way second rate. I tend to be a bit clumsier and more careless than most, and as I said, my zapper has taken some abuse from its owner. :)

After going sometime without one, I could not help but notice the increase in my frequency of illness, and a general loss in overall energy. I even had a bad bout with the typical bronchitis that I used to get quite often before discovering the zapper. I knew it was time for another. With Georg's generous discounts, I got a great deal and I'm very happy with what I received. The new blue box case it comes in is beautiful, and will always have the website on it (as opposed to my old one with the worn off sticker). The literature that comes along with the zapper is a great way to introduce others to it, and the straps look more heavy duty than ever now! The shipping was also incredibly fast from South Africa to Syracuse, NY...less than two weeks! I was not expecting it to arrive so quickly, and it has simply made my day.

Thank you, Georg, for such a fantastic product and are doing a great thing for the entire world!
(Posted on 13/08/2011)
Luv this Zapper Review by Vinny
Alright algriht alright that's exactly what I needed! (Posted on 02/08/2011)
A great product. Review by Deborah
Thank you so much, I have been using my copper zapper daily for about 3 months and my energy is back, have done a thorough detox, heavy metals etc and sinus has cleared up.

A great product.



(Posted on 27/05/2011)
more energy than I've had in months Review by Grant
Some early feedback regarding the zapper:
When I got home on Monday, we put the zapper on my wife's leg, near her troublesome knee. After 10 minutes she stood up and said "To be totally honest I didn't think this thing was going to do anything. BUT... there is a huge relief, I can actually move my knee a lot easier." She has continued to use it and it has brought her much relief with all her troublesome joints.
I frequently get severely infected tonsils followed by flu. On Tuesday afternoon I thought I was in the early stages of another bout. Yesterday I had a bit of "toxic feeling" and was somewhat feverish. I could feel my immune system was waging war with something. This morning I've got more energy than I've had in months. I can only ascribe this to using the zapper.

I will give you feedback later on how things have changed in my class (computer center) as a result of the HGG and dirty harrys, for now I can say things look positive. I do not understand at a physics/meta-physics level how this works, but clearly it does.

Blessings and best wishes
(Posted on 27/05/2011)
beautiful stuff, brother! Review by Nobunoni +
Hi Georg'
The orgone zapper arrived and I strapped it on :)))
I felt the energies and vibrations shift within a few seconds' can feel my Chi rising' energies of the magnetic light body are begining to flow!
Beautiful stuff brother'
Can feel the 2 hemispheres of the brain re-aligning' and everything flowing!
The frequency I feel is very much like Iboga' or the oz has atuned me into the plants vibration' earth vibration'
Shall be able to work with this'
Basse love'
Have a beautiful day!
Nobunoni + (Posted on 02/05/2011)
Fantastic Zapper!!!! AAAA!!! Review by Tim
I've tried many zappers....this is the best zapper for the money...on the planet!!! (Posted on 29/06/2010)
The zapper is probably the most fascinating gadget you can get your hands on Review by Fixedcross
Yes, the zapper! I've not so much questions as that I would just like to testify here what a fantastic tool this thing is. Immensely powerful in dispelling unwanted energies, in liberating the wanted anergies (i.e those energies which form part of the organisms will - to - be) and hance, it is a great stimulant in any creative process. Try attaching this thing to your arm and then write, stream of consciousness-like. The mind is such a fertile ground, especially the suffering mind, when it gets some release from parasites and repression.

I ordered it a little over a year ago, and the product has far surpassed my expactations. Another great thing to do with it is to excerisze, do heavy workouts - I find I am able to do about twice as many pushups when Im wearing the zapper. And in kung fu, it tremendously increases my power. I once brought an orgonite amulate to kung fu practice, and I hit so hard the punching bag came down from the ceiling, and the gloves ripped open and were basically shredded. The others refused to fither spar with me. Orgonite is an amazing attribute. The zapper is probably the most fascinating gadget you can get your hands on. Apply it to any kind of energy-economy and watch the results. Awesome. (Posted on 21/05/2010)
Excellent, everyone should have one! Review by Rocky
I purchased one of these zappers from Georg five or six years ago, and the results have been fantastic. I find that when I wear my zapper, I generally have better overall health, fewer allergy symptoms and asthma attacks, and an increased energy level. As someone who grew up being sick quite often, I've found this device to be nothing short of a miracle. As long as I wear it regularly, I find that many of the common colds and illnesses that often pass through the college campus I work on do not impact me like they used to. In the time I've been using a zapper, I would estimate that my occurance of illnesses of any type has decreased by at least 75%. I give this device my absolute highest and strongest recommendation to anyone interested. It will be some of the best money you've ever spent!

Rocky Feola
Syracuse, New York (Posted on 25/01/2010)

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Orgone Zapper Standard