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Orgone energy healing journeys in Africa

Over the last few years our orgonite expeditions have led us to many African countries in a fascinating journey of discovery and healing.

The effects of large scale orgonite distribution for environmental healing are astounding as we cover more and more ground and experience the upsurge in vitality and happiness on this great continent.

You may read these orgone gifting reports as a "buster's diary" showing our own journey and development. But it is more: I present the sum total of our recorded experience as a body of evidence for the efficacy of orgonite in reversing drought, dissolving chemtrails and the effects of HAARP-like weather control.
The reports are rich in stunning "before and after" pictures that cannot be dismissed even by the most sceptical mind.

Orgone healing in Africa: A visual journey 


The Quest of Orgonise Africa - A visual Summary of 8 years of orgonite gifting in Africa

If you like what you see here and are interested in participating in one of our upcoming ORGONISE AFRICA SAFARIS, please contact us at

Our Safaris are a unique way of experiencing Africa in a different way, far from the trodden path of conventional Africa safari tourism. And what is more:  You will be able to participate in our healing effort and often experience dramatic results.

Our Expeditions have all been financed out of our own pocket with only a small percentage of the considerable cost being covered by sponsorships. Please help us to maintain or even further expand our radius of operation by either donating or supporting our Orgonise Africa online shop where you can buy the broadest range (worldwide) of orgonite products at very attractive prices.

Help us Orgonise Africa!
Africa is possibly the continent hardest hit by the notorious "New World Order" gang, sometimes misnomed an "elite". Weather manipulation, electromagnetic Mind Control and deliberate population reduction by pharmaceutical poisoning, and food depleted of any usable nutrients is the order of the day.
Rich in resources, yet economically underdeveloped, Africa's population which finds itself in rapid transition between millennia old traditional lifestyles and large scale urbanisation on the lowest possible economic level for the majority of people, has little resistance against the machinations of manipulative local elites who act in collusion with outside forces to keep Africa in perpetual dependance and misery. This may be the reason why a grassroot network of proactive gifters has not yet fully developed in Africa with a few notable exceptions. This is a totally different situation from Europe and North America and many other parts of the world, where self sustaining networks of orgone gifters have gained alost full coverage.

Here in Africa we are still shouldering this responsibility practically alone.
Since 2002 we have embarked on an ever widening environmental healing mission with a focus on Southern Africa but branching out as far as Uganda and Tanzania.

The state of orgonite distribution as of April 2008. The blue dots are TBs, HHGs and other small orgone devices. The Flag symbols represent CBs.

Please read about our ongoing adventures here. The cost of this sustained effort is enormous and rising with the increasing distances travelled.
Most of this cost has been financed from our own income, but we still need additional support to enable us to plan and execute even more far ranging expeditions.

Buying products from our website directly enables us to do more in terms of this orgone work in Africa.

Friederike and Georg Ritschl

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