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First successes in the Karoo

The project is moving forward much slower than hoped for.

But we are seeing first hopeful signs of good rainfall. It is always hard to predict what is needed to turn a given situation around. Maybe we don't need the full 35 CBs for the Karoo.    

Map of placed and proposed cloudbusters in the kaaroo

Map of placed and proposed cloudbusters in the Karoo. The light blue ones are recently placed and the pink dots are planned or rather wished for. The red flags are CBs that were existent before start of this project. 

Orgonite Cloudbuster in Aberdeen Karoo

Cloudbuster in Aberdeen 

Orgonite Cloudbuster near Willowmore

Cloudbuster near Willowmore  

GEORG restaurant in the rainMy restaurant in Aberdeen after one of the first major downpours

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