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Abseits der befahrenen Wege

These pictures are from our gifting expedition in January 2017 - Text to follow shortly

Recent orgonite gifting in South Africa

camping on Thomas Linder's Eco Farm

Church in Excelsior orgonite gifted

Bridge over the Caledon River gifted with Orgonite

orgone gifting cell phone tower near Wepener in the Free State

Orgone tower busting in Hobhouse

The orgone warriors are having a rest

church in Pearston gifted with Orgonite

cellphone tower in Pearston gifted with Orgonite

orgonite tower gifting in Somerset East

orgonite effects in Somerset East

Adelaide Orgone gifting

Adelaide orgone gifting again

Orgonite in Hoggsback

The warriors on a high horse

Friederike in Hoggsback Forest

Waterfall in Hoggsback

Grahamstown Church

That masonic hall gifted again

at the beach in PE

Addo Elephant Park

HAARP tower near Addo

Curved chemtrail pattern near Addo

HAARPed Sky over PE

Psychotronic Sky over PE

Psychotronic Sky over PE

Locomotive Klipplaat

why don't we do it on the road?


Surprising water world in Aberdeen, Karoo

Cactus Garden in Aberdeen

Locusts / Grashoppers

My future restaurant

Owl House

Owl House

Owl at Owl House

More scenes of Owl House

Riding home

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