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Monthly Archives: December 2007

  1. Lies,Lies,Lies contd. – no peak oil

    It is obvious how the legend of oil scarcity benefits the agenda of the self proclaimed elite. The truth is very different from the picture of us running out of oil reserves in the near future.

    Firstly of course we wouldn't need oil for transport at all if all the free energy inventions from Tesla, Townsend-Brown, T. Henry Moray, the Pons and Fleischmann discovery of cold fusion and many others had not been so ruthlessly supressed by the same Kabal. The only real use for oil is to make plastics and maybe some lubricants. Since anti-gravity propulsion is the real state of the art and not combustion engines with all their movable parts that need to be lubricated, the need for those would also be limited to some industrial machinery. If the perspective of supressed technologies that could have replaced our oil burning entropy-based technology decades ago sounds surprising or new to you, I recommend the very handy and well researched Book by Gerry Vasiliotis "Lost Science". It's one

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  2. Zappers and AIDS – the story of Nathan Kagina

    Nathan Kagina is a Ugandan citizen who recovered completely from full blown AIDS, using one of our zappers. Hear his story in his own words: Hello, Yes, I am Nathan Kagina and I did promote the Terminator on National T.V., Radio, and Newspapers [here in my home country of Uganda]. The response and requests for more information and availability is overwhelming. Uganda has a population of about 30 million people and 20% are now living with HIV/AIDS and need this treatment. The government chemist, Ministry of Health, Dr. Grace Nambatya Kyeyune has now included the ZAPPER for HIV treatment in Uganda, officially, on the basis of my own research, testimony and case study. The Zapper is amazingly the most important scientific discovery since the Atomic Bomb but based on laws of magnetism. In just six months of using the Zapper my viral load fell from millions per sample to an undetectable level. This is bad news for the drug cartel and good news for millions living with HIV/AIDS, worldwide. Thank

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  3. Lies-Lies-Lies: The 3 pillars of the present NWO campaign

    It appears to me that in the present desperate push for "one world government" by the powers that be, 3 beliefs are presently being promoted on all channels:


    1. HIV / AIDS: The theory comprising the existence of an HIV/AIDS epidemic, that can somehow be stopped by administering toxic antiretrovirals, although everybody knows that they cure nothing.


    2. Global Warming: The theory that man made green house gases are responsible for extreme climate changes and not the various deep dark military organisations' weather modification programmes + natural changes in the sun's radiation (sun spots) and other cosmic influences. Hence we need global governement in order to coordinate and enforce efforts to turn the tide before it is to late...


    3. Peak Oil: The theory that we are still dependent on oil to meet our energy needs and that oil is a "fossil" resource of finite availability.

    I will try to prove that all three beliefs are false and sh

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