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Monthly Archives: October 2018

  1. Ground control to Major T

    This is now the second obituary for a great orgone warrior I have to write in a very short time.

    Tino was a very good friend. I don't even know if he was aware how much we loved him. We met when he joined me together with Carlos Silva and Prophet Ngwatho on that somewhat ill-fated expedition to gift the Cahora Bassa Dam in Mozambique.

    He taught me my first Tai chi moves in the police prison in Songo. Funny to remembera sI'm getting ready to participate in the World Championships in Taipei next week.

    With his military background he always exuded confidence and competence in all he undertook. 

    I remember when we were pushed into this dimly lit hall (a former mecahnic workshop serving as the police holding prison in Songo, the town at the Cahora Bassa dam in Mozambique)  with 60 inmates around a blazing f

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  2. 15th anniversary of Orgonise Africa

    The blog module is just newly isntalled, so I have to try it out,

    Please do not expect sparks of genius here yet. Just plain news:

    Glitches are being sorted out as we speak. All working fine now.

    We love the new website for it's respnsiveness and clean, crisp design.

    Meanwhile the 30% discount is still on until further notice.

    We apologise for any inconveniences during the transition to the new website.

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  3. Orgonise Africa in Barcelona

    Spotted by another Orgonite Warrior in Barcelona 

    As "Les Festes de la Mercè" was in full swing in Barcelona, our Office manager Ryno was exploring the city and enjoying for the first time a European and “first world” city.

    Like at any other festival there were stalls and little stands all over the city, Ryno was admiring all of this when he was suddenly approached by an overly excited man who spotted his Orgonite Maxi Shield on the back of his phone.

    He kept on repeating “Orgonita” “Orgonita” “Orgonita”, and grabbed Ryno by the hand.  

    The guy finally led Ryno to his stand, displaying a variety of orgonite creations, crystals and other esoteric products. They finally settled on English for easier communication, whereby it turned

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