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Monthly Archives: February 2008

  1. Latest expedition report posted on Orgonise Africa


    The latest expedition report "All that water - part III" has been posted. Read here


    Also check out the older expedition reports of course.


    If you are a new reader, you should read the introductory article on orgone energy and orgone gifting in order to understand what this is all about.


    Enjoy the reading!



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  2. SARS didn't fly so now "drug resistant TB at new high"

    See: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/7265464.stm


    Did you notice that the New-World-Odour gang just loves epidemic outbreaks? Apart from serving their all time favourite population control obsession, epidemic outbreaks have so many lovely fringe benefits...


    You can further limit and restrict people's freedom. Oh, how I can see them salivating over the PR fallout of an incurable version of TB. "Quarantine!" They will cry and hunt down fugitive TB patients who wish to escape the horrible treatments with nationwide police hunts.


    We have seen the bizarre energy behind these fake epidemics when piles of carcasses of cattle and sheep were incinerated by government-rogues, comically masqueraded in space suits while the unhappy former owners of the poor animals were in some cases detained on their farms for 3 weeks, held there at gunpoint.

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  3. Five amazing health breakthroughs


    The Grand Illusion

    We suffer from a grand illusion, believing that in the field of commerce the market can rule red in tooth and claw but in the saving of lives and promotion of health, humanitarian motives should trump the urge to profit. An astounding body of evidence speaks to the contrary, turning the loving, traditional beliefs about the motives of those who heal us upside down. For to be frank, this has been a century of some truly extraordinary medical breakthroughs, but these breakthroughs have neither been promoted, shared, nor implemented to save the lives they could have saved. Instead these breakthroughs have been quite vociferously hidden or suppressed, and the lives and careers of the innovators, despite initially being met with honours and delight, have been systematically wrecked.


    The United States appears to be the epicentre of these ground breaking researches, some of which are embraced and brought to market, others of which

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  4. Are you confused?

    I could imagine that a new reader might be totally confused by what this is all about. Maybe I'm underestimating your intelligence though. 


    Basically this is about changing the world, re-energising it and creating a lively positive orgone field in which positive initiatives thrive and those directed at control and oppression shrivel.


    The implications and levels of change are manifold but the empowering truth is simple:




    It just needs a bit of simple orgonite to transform the death force transmitters in your neighbourhood into benevolent life enhancing orgone transmitters. It's simple. You can make them yourself or you can buy them from us (We like that, but you don't have to of course)


    If you've just stumbled over this blog and it's all total mumbo jumbo to you, I suggest you 

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