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Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. 5g Equalizer against EMF overload

    5g Equalizer against EMF overload

    Everybody is talking about 5g

    5g is not a completely new threat, rather more of the same. But it's ubiquitousness gives it a new quality and can easily lead to an overload, eapecially for electrosensitive people. So we need a stronger tower buster, especially for those antennas near by our home and work place that affect our wellbeing directly; So here's the 5g Equalizer. A amped-up tower buster with a load of extra powerful radiation absorbing minerals added to the tried and tested orgonite mix!  

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  2. Swamped in Fakery and Distraction

    What's happening in the orgonite scene? 

    We suddenly see fake orgonite everywhere. Pyramids with lots of beautiful stones, sometimes coils, but barely any metal filings, thus not orgonite.  Is this a deliberate move by the "powers that be" to crowd out real orgonite and thereby render the movement ineffective? 

    The problem is that all these fakers are putting out seductive messages and over time a whole generation of orgonite users gets acquainted to these fake optics and starts demanding these pretty but totally wrong designs as a must have. 


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