By now, you're probably aware of how Orgonite works, what benefits it has, and how best you can use it in your day to day life. 

Most likely, you already have a piece or several at home and have felt its benefits for yourself. 

That's exactly why I think it's time to dive a little deeper into this fascinating world and start exploring the little details.

Besides the standard Orgonite mixture of resin, metal filings and Quartz crystal, we add many other gemstones, precious metals and healing herbs to our Orgonite. This fine-tunes the effect of the Orgonite, as it acts much like a carrier wave that you can lay specific "healing frequencies" over for a much more subtle effect. 

The benefits of many of these gemstones are widely known and used - such as Amethyst or Turquoise - and others are still fairly unknown. I want to explore these "magic ingredients" with you and give you some insight into why we selected specific combinations

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