We hope the present tensions in the world are the birthing pains of a more just  and prosperous world.
The current financial system is of course a debt based pyramid scheme that is leeching the productive energies of the world's creative populations and channels it to the the few who are close to money issuing machine.
Like every pyramid scheme eventually does, this one has reached it's limits and is now in it's death throes.   
More and more people are waking up to the nature of this parasitic new world order. While the collapsing financial megaparasite is exerting extreme pressure to prolong it's life by a few more moments, forces of resistance and positive new organisation are also growing. This is where I see the role of Russia and China.  
Humans are by their nature productive and creative and produce abundance and surplus almost effortlessly.  Give us a system of fair exchange of value and the sky is the limit. The natural outcome of this is paradise on earth.

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