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  1. Moneyfesting abundance in difficult times

    We hope the present tensions in the world are the birthing pains of a more just  and prosperous world.
    The current financial system is of course a debt based pyramid scheme that is leeching the productive energies of the world's creative populations and channels it to the the few who are close to money issuing machine.
    Like every pyramid scheme eventually does, this one has reached it's limits and is now in it's death throes.   
    More and more people are waking up to the nature of this parasitic new world order. While the collapsing financial megaparasite is exerting extreme pressure to prolong it's life by a few more moments, forces of resistance and positive new organisation are also growing. This is where I see the role of Russia and China.  
    Humans are by their nature productive and creative and produce abundance and surplus almost effortlessly.  Give us a system of fair exchange of value and the sky is the limit. The natural outcome of this is paradise on earth.

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  2. Ground control to Major T

    This is now the second obituary for a great orgone warrior I have to write in a very short time.

    Tino was a very good friend. I don't even know if he was aware how much we loved him. We met when he joined me together with Carlos Silva and Prophet Ngwatho on that somewhat ill-fated expedition to gift the Cahora Bassa Dam in Mozambique.

    He taught me my first Tai chi moves in the police prison in Songo. Funny to remembera sI'm getting ready to participate in the World Championships in Taipei next week.

    With his military background he always exuded confidence and competence in all he undertook. 

    I remember when we were pushed into this dimly lit hall (a former mecahnic workshop serving as the police holding prison in Songo, the town at the Cahora Bassa dam in Mozambique)  with 60 inmates around a blazing f

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  3. 15th anniversary of Orgonise Africa

    The blog module is just newly isntalled, so I have to try it out,

    Please do not expect sparks of genius here yet. Just plain news:

    Glitches are being sorted out as we speak. All working fine now.

    We love the new website for it's respnsiveness and clean, crisp design.

    Meanwhile the 30% discount is still on until further notice.

    We apologise for any inconveniences during the transition to the new website.

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  4. Orgonise Africa in Barcelona

    Spotted by another Orgonite Warrior in Barcelona 

    As "Les Festes de la Mercè" was in full swing in Barcelona, our Office manager Ryno was exploring the city and enjoying for the first time a European and “first world” city.

    Like at any other festival there were stalls and little stands all over the city, Ryno was admiring all of this when he was suddenly approached by an overly excited man who spotted his Orgonite Maxi Shield on the back of his phone.

    He kept on repeating “Orgonita” “Orgonita” “Orgonita”, and grabbed Ryno by the hand.  

    The guy finally led Ryno to his stand, displaying a variety of orgonite creations, crystals and other esoteric products. They finally settled on English for easier communication, whereby it turned

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  5. OMG it's that day again: 9-11

    In the years 1998 - 2001 I had started reading widely about how the world really works.

    Starting with the financial system, I had started peeling layer upon layer from the official version of reality.

    By the time "it" happened I was well familiar with ideas like "false flag", "totalitarian two step", "problem-reaction-solution' and so on. I also understood the concepts of trauma based mind control and knew about MK-Ultra and similar programs.

    And yet I was completely shocked when "it" really happened. I was sitting in our living room which I remember as being quite cosy (we have since moved a few times) and watching something on TV.

    Suddenly the program stopped and the announcement was made that some planes had hit the World Trade Center in New York.

    A short

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  6. In Memoriam Don Croft

    Don Started everything!

    Without him there wouldn't be orgonite cloudbusters, HHGs, Tbs, Orgone zappers, SP-crystals or power wands. There would not be such a thing as an orgonite gifting network. 
    Most likely we'd still be swallowing unadulterated chemtrails and be hopelessly lost in a maze of DOR based electromagnetic mind control fog. 
    He was always extremely modest and humble, while keeping a very special sense of humour. He never became conceited about his role as the chief instigator of this whole thing that we call the orgonite network. 
    He didn't want to be seen as a “guru” or “leader” and to a point you were successful with that.  There are now many people who make and use orgonite and barely know about him. 
    However, he was a leader, want it or not, because he was leading by example.
    Integrity and truthfulness being the hallm

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  7. The Summer of Change

    Definitely the world has entered a phase of instability. You can see that on the geopolitical level with confrontation between the established powers that ran the world since at least the end of the cold war and the new emerging superpowers China and Russia reaching previously unknown pain thresholds.
    In "Western" countries popular anti establishment movements get more and more votes and form governments that seem to be resisting elements of the "New World Order Agenda".
    Even the Trumpster, however much he seems to act like a bumbling fool, got swept to power by the same trend. Some still think he's playing the fool only and in reality it's all some kind of 5 dimensional Chess game and he's in charge of it.
    We shall see. "By their deeds shall they be judged"
    Definitely, by thrashing his arms around so wildly he helps demolishing old structures that do not work any more.
    There is a lot of "tension in the system" (which is essentially a pyramid scheme at the end of
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  8. Orgone alchemy

    So what's really happening?

    We can only speculate because we have no access to sophisticated metereological equipment. We rely on the 3 faculties of
    1. observation
    2. reasoning
    3. intuition (and then reasoning again)
    When we introduce massively positive orgone energy into an area that has been under heavy chemtrail attack, we often see the chemcrud dissolve within minutes. The process is silent, not accompanied by hefty winds and nobody has ever complained about any detectable fallout.

    The pictures below show a typical sequence of chemtrails being dissolved by Orgone energy. it was taken in the coastal town of George, Western Cape, South Africa. The sequence happened within 30 minutes after and while we were
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  9. Definitely no hour zero in Cape Town

    The long lasting drought affecting Cape Town was touted as a catastrophe of world wide impact. With dams reaching their lowest levels in decades it was supposed to be the first time a major world city would run out of water. 
    Being naturally suspicious of all such announcements and always applying the test of replacing the words "prognosticated, anticipated" et cetera with "planned, wilfully brought about", I already thought that some deliberate mismanagement of the water supply plaid a major role in making sure it would be a good crisis, something to move Agenda 21 forward a notch. 

    In case you're new to this: Agenda 21 is the superficially well meaning UN-agenda for sustainable development, spawned in the aftermath of the Rio conference on sustainable development. Based on the flawed science of "global warming" caused by "greenhouse gases", it seeks
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  10. Shungite - the new Miracle Stone?

    Many people consider Shungite a miracle stone. It is actually something like highly compressed coal, with a carbon content from 30-98%, depending on the grade of purity. 
    In a way, Shungite on it's own acts a lot like orgonite. In Russia we saw small shungite pellets with double sided tape being sold as cellphone emf protectors. Also in Russia, people are mixing shungite powder into house paint in oder to achieve EMF protection.   
    Shungite is being offered polished in all kinds of shapes and as raw stones.

    Typical benefits associated with Shungite:

    • Generally stimulating and revitalising
    • Skin rejuvenation
    • Absorbs bad EMF and geopathic stress radiation
    • Improves mi
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