Scarcity be gone!

Scarcity be gone!

The ugly scarcity monster has been haunting this planet increasingly for the last few years.

Practically all “developed” countries except maybe for Russia and China (who seem on an upward trajectory at the moment) are going through a protracted crisis of their respective financial systems.

Austerity, mass retrenchment of public workers and rapidly falling living standards for the middle and working classes are the order of the day.
Look at Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy for the more drastic effects of this crisis or look at Germany and the US for a more concealed hollowing out of the middle and working classes’ economic sitiuation.

Why is this happening?
The only thing that is somehow artificially made scarce is ”money”. Our ability to produce all the goods we ever need or want is rising at a yearly rate of 1.5-2% since the begining of the industrial revolution. This is why trend forecasters in the 1960s and 70s were predicting a society of leisure and potential boredom (if no meaningful ways to fill the time liberated by the explosion of productivity would be found) for the immediate future. That should have been about now!
The social engineers behind the curtain decided otherwise as we all know. If the future visions of the 60s and 70s had come to pass we would also now be able to fly to the moon and other planets for holidays or become space explorers and colonise other worlds…

No Food scarcity either

The surface of half the US-State of Texas could feed the whole population of the world with healthy produce, using intensive sustainable organic farming techniques.

All the scaremongering about overpopulation is based on the same paradigm of scarcity and fear and has no grounding in fact at all. If you add the reality of abundant free energy derived from the multitude of supressed technologies that have been available at least since the 1930s, you understand that we live in a world of deferred potential, surporessed development.

That fear is intended!

It helps those who by deception and trickery have put themselves into a position where they can control and benefit from the process of the creation of money. The situation is in fact ridiculous and has to be changed asap.
All money in 95% (the other 5% are the ones “we” bomb) of all countries is completely created by private banks who lend it to people businesses or governments at interest. More than 90% of this money did not exist before it was lent into existence. This is a seeming paradox, but the basis of our finacial system is completely illusionary. That’s why it’s called fiat money from the Latin “fiat” = “let there be” as in the bible when god says “fiat lux – let there be light”.
So it comes into existence by agreement. There is nothing wrong with that as such. Only that a small group of interbred families have usurped the right to create this wonga (that we all need in order to facilitate the exchange of goods) through their monopoly banks and thereby cream off all the surplus and abundance the combined genius and hard work of 7 billion earthings can produce.

That is not right!

There are several ways out of this and it looks like something is about to happen soon. The main question to be asked is how much damage the mainstream economy will have to suffer in the transition process.

Public Banking

Ellen Brown in her seminal book Web of Debt asks the one intelligent question that every one should have asked decades ago:
“when we all agree that money is created out of thin air, why don’t we create it for the benefit of the people and without interest?”

web of debt
This book is a must read: find it on ellenbrown-dot-com

Through their learned institutions of deception, first and foremost the London School of Economics the banksters have convinced us that we need “independent” (meaning privately controlled)  Reserve Banks to lend the money into existence the government needs to finance it’s public works and other functions of government.

What an absurdity!

So in the US, the bankster owned FED prints money that is backed only by the government debt it buys from that newly created money. If the government is “good for that debt” why would it not be good to create this money debt free in the first place by an act of fiat, for example in the yearly budget. This could be “scientifically” determined by a comittee of experts based on a regular assessment of the productive capacity of a country.

Giving the people back the power to create their own currency would essentially do away with income tax and all the paranoid snooping and harrassment that goes with it.

The debt based money system cannot sustain abundance forever because all money that is created is sucked back into the point of origin plus interest. This is why inequality of income grows at such an alarming pace together with the fear and friction factor,international tension and permanent low level war in the less fortnate parts of the world called the “Third World”.
Only individuals or economic entities closely aligned with the money creation monopoly (the octopus) can prosper in such an environment.
For a while (the post WWII period of monetary expansion) this can work in a part of the world, but eventually the burden of debt becomes so big that it becomes unsustainable. New avenues of expansion can then only be opened as last resort safety valves such as overrunning amnd looting a country that was not yet previously debt enslaved like Libya very recently. In this terminal phase of the dying parasite the interest rates have to be kept near zero in order to allow the system to take on more debt without imediately collapsing. This in turn makes it impossible for the real economy to create savings for future investment. The real economy shrinks while the casino economy of accelerated betting on increasingly more fraudulent assets (like all those derivatives of derivatives) thrives, driven by those that stay close to the monster parasite and have access to boundless funding at close to zero interest to buy casino chips with.

Already under normal conditions the sum of all incomes of all wage earners can never afford to buy all the goods produced in an economy.
This is simple math because when wages make about 1/3 of the cost of producing any given commodity or luxury goods, the wage earners can only afford 1/3 of the finished product. The mega rich don’t spend a large portion of their money on consumption. They use it to pile up even more money.
Where does the rest come from? Credit financed monetary expansion! (“please charge it to my Diners card”)

Eventually, in cyclical convulsions, the system has to rid itself of surplus productive capacity in a major conflagration of war which is what the so called elite has been steering towards energetically for the last 10-15 years. (Bombing Syria, bombing Iran, permanent upheaval in the Middle East, eventually bombing North Korea or maybe Russia or China. The public sentiment for such a move is being prepared)

A public money system does not need that. It can inject enough buying power to absorb the yearly increase in productive capacity. Like any other system it is open to abuse or reckless hyperinflation. But so? The present setup clearly does not work for “We The People” so let’s take the power back and use it for our own benefit!

Gold + Silver

I’m gonna keep this one short even though the gold option is very popular amongst alternative thinkers. Yes, gold is kind of a more objective measure of value, but think about it for a moment: The same elite that has been running the big life force extraction scheme has already accumulated all the gold in the world anyways. So where does that leave us?

Fascism = the rule of huge corporations backed by abusive dictatorial state power

In a libertarian universe, all currenies or other means of measured exchange (anything that people may voluntarily agree to use as a means of exchange) would freely compete. The banksters’ currencies like the so called US-dollar would probably quickly collapse if it wasn’t backed by US military and policing power which actually is the one decisive factor here. It’s a state sanctioned extortion racket and has nothing to do with “free enterprise”. It is only the “legal tender laws” enacted in all countries that force people to transact in the state backed but privately owned and created fiat currency. Take that away and people would insist on payment in gold, silver or other tangible assets.

Nerds to the Rescue!

In comes the phenomenon of BITCOIN! Bitcoin derives it’s value from the fact that it is decentrally mined by computer nerds who are willing to dedicate number crunching power of vast arrays of graphic processor units to the task. While this in now way represents a backing by tangible assets, it creates limited availibility while making the process of creating money available to anybody who is willing to invest in the hardware. It is a fiat currency as well, but one accepted by mutual agreement of willing participants.

Orgonise Africa now also accepts Bitcoin in payment for goods

It allows direct payment peer to peer worldwide without the interference of state power or any other intermediaries like banks, payment services, credit card companies, PayPal etc..

It is as direct as cold hard cash

Bitcoin itself as it now exists is limited to a total supply of 24 million bitcoin which is a present value about 24 billion USD.
As it becomes more and more difficult to mine more bitcoin it will inevitably go up in value but BITCOIN as such will not be able to cover the whole world economy which is worth a few trillion fiat USD at present.
What is more interesting is the technology and the idea behind it.

Bitcoin 2.0 will allow any private party to monetise their assets directly by creating so called “colored” coins that represent certain assets that the person or economic entity possesses.

And here is the true revolution:  Instead of going to a bank that also has no money, but is licensed to create it under it’s country’s Reserve Bank Act, you are now saying: here is my house and it’s worth say 10,000 Bitcoins, so I pledge the house in turn for creating this amount of currency which I can now use to trade and expand my business. WOW!

It means we create our own money based on our own assets and productive ability. The possibilities are endless. What it surely demonstrates is that the means of exchange for an abundant economical universe based on freedom, trust and honesty can be created by ourselves without waiting for Big Brother to allow us to do so. (He has other plans, believe me)

Of course this will create new industries of verification and trust building as people would want to know that those assets really exist. This is were new fields of endeavour will open up for people now wasting their considerable brain power in unproductibve fields like being tax accountants or even bank employees.

No fear!

There’s space for everyone who has a useful service to offer with honesty.

Some people’s self created money might be more readily accepted than others’ based on reputation or the recognition of the verifying entity etc…
All in all, these are exciting prospects.

Orgonite – Agent of Abundance

We have good reasons to believe that massive deployment of orgonite will soften the landing and transition enormously. And here I’m not only talking about those 3-5 pieces around your house, I’m talking about “full coverage” of a country: All cell phone towers, all government buildings, banks, large enterprises, military sites, underground bases, satanic covens, TV stations, press headquarters, ley lines, negative energy spots, battle fields, places of mass murder or atrocities etc., the whole cadoodle!

Orgonite, apart from it’s obvious health and environmental effects has unfathomablebenefits on the consciousness level. I say unfathomable because the journey has only just started and nobody knows where all this awakening will lead us. The only thing we know for sure is that the journey is very exciting and need not be feared.

So, invest your rapidly fading fiat currency into something real! Buy gold, silver, bitcoin, land and food reserves and last but not least get yourself some more orgonite to mellow the transition. I would even advocate some recklessness in going into debt to aquire real assets as long as those fiat units still have some buying power. Your debt will be reset in the transition. It cannot be otherwise!

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The latest from the Orgone Factory

The latest from the Orgone Factory

This year has been quite different from many before in that we re-focussed our minds on strengthening our base rather than expanding into ever new adventures.

So, no big expeditions this year, just a bit of “maintenance gifting” in the neighbourhood.

New focus

Instead we put our minds to growing Orgonise Africa as a business and create the prosperity that we all aspire to without waiting for external events to lift our boat. We had for quite a while spent too much energy on hoping for things like the African Dream to lift off, expecting a total change of scale for our activities from it. Hopes like that can be quite distracting from the simple fact that we hold the key to our own prosperity (on the material and spiritual level) in our own hands and always have. That does of course not mean we do not wish great initiatives like The  African Dream to succeed, (oru friends in Egypt are pushing hard for it but the obstacles are also mile high) but we do not pin our hopes for our own future on it any more.

Investing in the future: new office for Orgonise Africa on our premises (gotta get the business out of the house)

So here goes: The renewed focus on growing Orgonise Africa as a business has already lead to a 60% increase in orders and we expect that trend to continue.

Now our task is to be ready to fill all these extra orders we are getting.

Delays in shipping out orders have happened as a result of us not being able to produce fast enough and that was exacerbated by the fact that Freiderike had an accident on 11 Octoeber where she broke her foot by falling into a hole on our property. Very nasty fractures and she’s only now able to slowly (hopping around on crutches) participate in the production of the specialised items only she can do.

So we have hired and trained new people in the making of Orgonite and hope that when everybody goes home for Christmas (that’s the big summer break here traditionally) we’ll have abundant stock to satisfy demand.  

The new expanded team in front of the workshop (check Friederike’s “decorative” moon boot).

Expanded production facility (casual visitors think we are preparing for a big party)

Improved customer service and free shipping 

An old saying says: “who works makes mistakes” or in a more modern fashion “$h1T happens”. It’s how you deal with it that makes the difference.

Let me tell you a bit what challenges we’re facing and how we are addressing them:

New helpdesk function

we have installed a softwae now that helps us to keep a clear head with all the hundreds of emails coming in every day. In the past it did of course happen that we would overlook an email once in a while. People can get quite frustrated when their emails don’t get answered, so I’ve been thinking about a solution for this problem for quite a while:

The new helpdesk function actually creates a “ticket” in the backend which stays there until it is answered or resolved. Such tickets are now automatically created when you use the contact us form to write to us or email to

It’s all about consistency over time  

When dealing with a company, especially in another copntry that seems far away to you, you want to know if they can be trusted to do what they say. Orgonise Africa has been around for 11 years now (we were probably the second or third to offer orgonite online at the very start of this whole movement) and over this long period of time has definitely earned itself a reputation for reliability and consistency of service and quality while always being extremely competitive with our prices.

Our lasting challenge is and will remain the logistics of getting the goodies to you when you are not in South Africa, and that’s more than 80% of our business.

In fact, Orgonise Africa, even though a small company by any means, has a truly global reach, with orders coming from all 5 continents.

We’re becoming faster and now even offer worldwide free shipping!

For over 10 years we used the Post Office  as it provided quite reliable service worldwide at reasonable cost. Only for bulky items like the cloudbusters of orders of 100 TBs etc.., the only option was to chose the slow surface mail as all other options were to ccostly in relation to the price of the goods themselves.

And then, at the beginning of this year, the operation of the Post office became seriously hampered by a serries of wildcat strikes, virtually bringing the distribution of mail to a halt.

We had to find an alternative:. Traditional courier companies like FEDEX, UPS, DHL, etc. were not an option because they are definitely too expensive in relation to the price of the goods. Who wants to pay 80$ in order to receive a 70$ zapper? We finally found a company called mailwise who offer a unique “remailing service” that solves some of our problems but not all. They ship the mail to London Heathrow in bulk containers and from there feed it into the mailstreams of the major reciving countries directly. This is normally quite fast. The only downside is: we get no tracking of these parcels. It is basically as if they would “throw it in the mailbox” at Heathrow.

The advantage is however the reduced cost and added speed and in 99% of all cases the parcels seem to arrive without a hitch. How to deal with the 1% then? I t becomes a matter of trust. we have to trust those that tell us the you haven’t received their goods and you have to trust our commitment to deliver at all cost. What I really don#t like is when people file a dispute with PayPal after 3 weeks for a socalled non receipt when they have actually ordered with the free shipping option which crlearly advises 1-6 weeks (it can be anything in that range) + whatever the preparation time for the order. That’s grossly unfair because we have tnen already shipped the order and are now deprived of our payment and the goods at the same time. Do not go this route please if you experience a delivery problem. We are committed to getting the things to you and if they really don’t arrive after 6 weeks, we will send them again. (we trust you there)

Another advantage, especially for EU customers: The goods get customs cleared on entry in the UK and are then moving freely inside the EU. Also in destinations like Australia, NZ, USA, Canada there is little hassle when a parcel has a UK post stamp.

If you are in a hurry and do not mind the extra cost, there is of course the courier option. 2-4 working days to most destinations worldwide and trackable indirectly trhough mailwise.

Orgonise Africa now accepts Bitcoin

Many people in the financial reform discussion feel that Bitcoin could prove the first fully viable alternative to the extractive debt based money system based on debt that is so obviously facing it’s final crisis. We are excited to be able to offer our products now in exchange for bitcoins.

If you have Bitcoins, you have recently experienced a windfall appreciation in value against major bankster currencies like the US Dollar etc.,  spend some of that windfall on improvng the energy in your “hood” and see the transition to a more equitable world order even accelerate.

After all, the consciousness shift is gaining momentum and orgonite helps tremendously in that awakening process.

Created by hyper-nerds for freedom loving people: The first investment grade bankster-free global currency


All the best wishes from


Georg + Friederike, Katharina  and Team 

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Five Streams here we come

Five Streams here we come

Five Streams is an eco village project, founded by Scott Cundill of New Era fame. (Please visit their website and join their worthy cause in clipping the wings of the almighty banksters. They made quite some waves by taking the big 4 South African banks to court over their ongoing securitisation practice where they sell people’s mortgages into “Special Purpose Vehicles” (SPV) but pretend to still be the holder of the debt. New Era has been attacking this practice in general and especially where they are foreclosing on a late paying bond holder (bonded slave) while having in fact no more title to the debt at all. You can see this is up my alley!

oh, how beautiful it is at 5streams
Beautiful views at Five Streams

The concept of Five streams is exactly what I always dreamt of. A wonderful mix of communality and privacy. Every member gets a domain that is totally private and the communal operation of the farm is managed by a farm manager who is also member of the community. All participation in communal activities is voluntary and the farm creates it’s own sustainable revenue.
Of course this communal element will be quite strong if you like the people you live with. But you can be a total recluse if you want and stay on the mountain alone, meditating or looking at the clouds and avoid any human contact if you wish.
Needless to say: All the members we met so far are very, very nice and special people…

Will you be astonished then when I tell you that we want to move there?

Five Streams here we come! (pending approval by all existing members)

Our Place at Five Streams
Our chosen Spot – with Sid the Farm manager and my good old Landy

And what has all that got to do with Orgonise Africa?

You bet we had some orgonite in our luggage and distributed it over the farm well and proper to the delight of all members present:

Orgonite at five streams
Orgonite distribution at Five Streams and our spot marked in purple

Some orgone pyramidsHHGs and about 50 or so TBs found their new place at Five Streams, further enhancing the already pristine energy of the place. Five streams has a crystal clear mountain spring of amazing revitalising water, this alone being reason enough to live there.

Food Forest
Scott and Shiree laying out a food forest

There will be lots more to tell over time and I will do so. In the meantime just visit Five Streams website or subscribe to their neswsletter.

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Breakthrough Energy Movement

Breakthrough Energy Movement

The idea of Free energy and Orgone are closely related. Zero point energy or space energy, overunity and the new understanding of physics that is necessary to allow for the possibility of such technologies belong to the same strand of “awakened” perception and thinking.
Orgone is just another name for the sea of constantly moving and fluctuating energy out of which all matter and conventionally measurable energy is lastly composed.

We are standing on the brink of a total revolution of our worldview.

As I have pointed out in countless previous posts, hundreds if not thousands of inventors have created working prototypes of devices that deliver more usable energy than what needs to be put in.
The energy gain comes out of the limitless ocean of free energy that we call Orgone and others call ether, prana, quantum fluctuation…

Our friend Vernando Vossa, one of the organisers and a speaker at the conference himself, has invited Orgonise Africa to participate in the upcoming

Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference

in Hilversum, Netherlands with a demonstration stand and according to the latest developments a full 1 hour presentation. This is not yet reflected in the programme as yet but that will be updated shortly.

Orgonise Africa at the Breakthrough energy Conference in Hilversum

If you live in the Netherlands or any nearby region of Belgium, Luxembourg, France or Germany, do not miss this conference. If you live further afar, seriously consider this weekend trip.

Apart from our presentation we will have a table where we will be able to showcase our products and engage in one on one talk.

The 3 day conference has first class speakers many of them quite famous to those who have been following the emering Free energy movement.
It is very reasonably priced at 220 Euro for the 3-day pass.
Packages including Hotel are on offer at reasonable prices as well.

Check out the BEM website here for more information.

The conference is from 9-11 November.
I hope to see you there and connect with you in person.

I particularly like the name of their initiative Breakthrough Energy Movement as it emphasizes the urgency of this imminent breakthrough and that fact that these technologies are already there, ready to be mass produced.
As I said in a previous post we are living far behind our times and a lot of the current worldwide crisis can be attributed to this deferred development.
Of course the skewed and exploitative financial system is closely linked to this dilemma.

The more people know about this, the more difficult it will become for the controlling elite to hold back this overdue revolution that will usher in a phase of unprecedented prosperity on this planet and solve our pollution and energy problems in one fell swoop.

Get ready for the breakthrough, just in time towards the “mystical date” of End of 2012.

I told you before that if there is any significance in te date “2012″, it will be the turnaround for the better as the current system cannot really get much worse.

We have deserved a bright future and we will have it!

Orgonite and planetary awakening

The effects of orgonite are felt on many levels.

  • The visible changes in cloud formations as we gift cellphone towers and turn mushy chemtrailed and HAARPed  skies into those of  pristine beauty with deep blue luminescence and wonderfully articulated crisp cumulus formations.
  • The observable increase in rainfall in arid zones and general rebalancing of weather patterns
  • Increase in plantgrowth and plant health as well as the health of humans and animals by strengtheneing their bioenergetic field.
  • Spontaneous healing of even sever disease conditions. (we have reports of spontaneous cancer remissions due to just the presence of a powerful orgone device in a person’s room)
  • More subtle and elusive even: The change in consciousness effected by the increased vitality and vibrancy of the all permeating orgone field.

The latter point could prove of greatest significance for the creation of that more radiant, happier world that we all aspire to. It comes back as feedback from many who have introduced orgonite into their surrounds and suddennly find that people who have been quarelling over years suddenly find ways to resolver their conflicts amicably and constructively.
after we massively gifted Johannesburg, often refered to as the murder capital of the world, with probably around 3000 small orgone dvices, the crime rate for murder, manslaughter and robbery with aggravated circumstances dropped by 13% in 2003. This after being on a seemingly unstoppable increase for decades.
Of course 87% of these crimes are still happening and a career criminal will not turn into a lamb over night and a corrupt politician will still do his thing.
This change in the energy field does not overrule our free will or remove the necessity for us to evolve based on the choices we make in life. But it shifts the balance in favour of more constructive agendas and encourages the emergence of new thoughts and world views.
In all humility we strongly beliebeve that the worldwide proliferation of orgonite through this rapidly growing network of independent unorganised orgone activists has already contributed greatly to a lot of the negative plans of the elite not unfolding as planned.
Despite unceasing efforts, the great depopulation is not happening. Chemtrails have become largely ineffective in disseminating disease and misery. Yes they are still spraying in some parts of the world, (I haven’t seen a single chemtrail over my house in years and I live a few kms from the busiest airport in Africa, but yeah, they’re still trying) but in our opinion it’s more “for show” than anything else and in order to keep the fear levels up in the growing segment of half awakened populace they so desperately try to prevent from fully waking up.

Fully awakening means to lose your fear of course and see the “mighty adversary” with clear eyes: A sorry bunch of old men ruled by fear and greed, rather in need of some healing energy to allow them to release the grip of their bony hands on the fate of this planet and let go…
The “New World Order” of the old parasitic occult elites is a spent force. Outwardly still powerful, (it can and does still kill people on a large scale and is even becoming more frantic) but spiritually bankrupt and without any attractive ideas for the future of mankind.

It is now our time to build the new and alive future, rather bypassing than confronting the old controlling structures. (Sorry guys, we cannot even give you the satisfaction of a fight. But we will protect ourselves against your deadly assaults and counteract them peacefully but decisively wherever necessary)

The old paradigm is based on fear and subsequently the need to control.

The new paradigm is based on trust in the creative force of the universe, the self regulating constructive Orgone Energy.

It’s entropy (old paradigm) vs. disentropy (new paradigm).

It’s the animated conscious web of light as so beautifully portrayed in the Avatar movie vs. the smoke belching machines of destruction.

Happy soals floating in a sea of orgone
Avatar: The web of light (there are beter pictures in the movie but I didn’t find them at short notice)

Machines of destruction
Machines of destruction: The paradigm of entropic science

It’s the greening of deserts and creation of abundance and happiness vs. the desolation ofbombed out cities contaminated with depleted uranium and populated by a traumatised cancer riddled population.

We have the choice and we can make the Breakthrough happen!

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The Geopolitics of Scarcity

The Geopolitics of Scarcity

A lot of us are under the impression that the world is steering towards some kind of cataclysmic “big bang”. The intensification of warlike activities world wide and increasing signs of economic insecurity worldwide seems to suggest this. There is a feeling of rising tension everywhere. The bombing of Libya by NATO forces and subsequent destruction of it’s functioning statehood and prospering economy by the NATO-sponsored and closely supported and coordinated jihadists (I hope you have by now fully understood that the empire creates it’s own enemy the “islamic fundamentalist” in order to justify it’s war of conquest aka “war on terror”. “Al Queida” should better be spelled Al CIA-da) doesn’t bode well for other countries on the target list like Syria, Iran, the 2 Sudans, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Africa, Haiti, the “soft underbelly” of the former Soviet Union and many other regions where the “Military-petrochemical-pharmaceutical-financial cartel” is seeking to consolidate its grip on power.

The truly fascinating aspect of it that makes me go on and on posting alternative information on these events, is how unnoticed these major wars go by as far as the audiences in the Western Block countries are concerned.
The depth of the deception is really staggering.
That’s because the cartel has managed to get such a firm grip on worldwide news and opinion forming that it really takes a lot of effort to stay informed of what’s really going on.
Other than previous wars this global one is packed in cotton wool. We do not hear the cries of the tortured, dismembered victims of constant and systematic worldwide agression. We do not hear bellligerent slogans in the daily news. No fanfares, no flags and yet the biggest military machine ever conceived rolls over country after country and flattens it completely, leaving a deadly legacy of depleted uranium with skyrocketing rates of deformed childbirths.
We are led to believe that the West is in Afghanistan to “protect Afghani women from oppressive Muslim fundamentalist rule”. We are led to believe that Libya had to be bombarded and and shot to pieces in order to protect “peaceful demonstrators” from their “mad dictator”. If the powers that be have their way, this will be repeated in Syria and possbly in Iran, unless Russia and China really sum up the courage to draw a line of resistance in the sand. And then what? All out nuclear war?

Russia and China preparing for WWIII
Russia and China preparing for WWIII

I am not sure in how far the Russian and Chinese leadership is in cahoots with this cabal, but there definitely seems to be a growing sentiment of “enough is enough” and a willingness to confront NATO expansionism. This may of course be part of a larger game plan to create “one world government” through all out WWIII and massive population reduction. I like to believe that while certainly  elements of the elite are in cahoots worldwide, the story is a bit more complex an there are indeed diverging agendas. Definitely China as the emerging world power and Russia have their own national interests at heart.
Always we are led to believe that the West is there to protect people from their own ruthless leaders and uphold values of humanity, democracy and freedom.
This is quite an achievement in mind control and way surpasses anything that Goebbels did in Nazi Germany.
The wars are not fought by huge armies marching in lockstep, but by an intelligent and deceptive mix of proxies, private contractors, technical specialists and covert agents. This way the uninformed spectator cannot even see the hidden hand bringing all the mayhem to targeted regions. The few openly visible soldiers of Western countries are rarely seen committing the atrocities, apart from a few slip -ups like recently in Afghanistan, but always in the role of restoring order. Also the goal has long ceased to be territorial conquest in the old sense. That’s become so politically incorrect it is left to very few countries who don’t seem to care (like Israel) to openly pursue such objectives. Often it is more important to the elite to regulate supply and demand of certain resources by entangling resource rich regions in protracted wars. Look at Angola that is now  a major producer of oil and has been kept off stream for more than 30 years while decimating half it’s population. Look at Libya that can produce a barrel of crude for about 1$ and used the rest of the more than100$ to uplift it’s people and a ot of Africa. Get used to the idea that the current factional fighting and descent into chaos is actually the wanted outcome, not a strategy gone wrong.
You would only think that if you believed that NATO was bombing the country and sending their towelhheaded mercenaries with close combat support by Apache helicopters and long range artillery from their gunships in order to bring some kind of resemblance of Western “democracy”. Instead we have genocidal atrocities against black Libyans, 50,000 dead, torture and random extrajudicial killings as well as an ongoing civil war with a strong fraction of Gaddhafi loyalists still holding very large territories.
In fact, this is an important aspect of the story: The empire wants us to get used to extrajudicial killings as the OK thing to do. Shooting “mad dictators” and “terrorists” like dogs is the new modus operandi and our moral outrage against this is being systematically numbed.
Of course it was always en vogue to declare one’s aggression as defence but the new dimension here is to wage war and call it peace. That’s really a new quality.

But even those in the Western elites that claim to be well informed and cynically admit that the official propaganda is just that, (namely propaganda) will justify these actions because they believe them necessary for the survival of Western style civilisation in a perceived world of increasing scarcity.

And here we get to the point:

The perception of scarcity is the basis of all this. None of us would accept this if we did not accept the 3 basic pillars of this manipulated world view:

  1. Money is scarce
  2. We are running out of energy
  3. There isn’t enough food for a rising world population
Most people, no matter what their political orientation or whether they think of themselves as “green” or rather tend towards good old style industrial progress share these basic convictions.
These assumptions are indeed totally fundamantal to the present worldwide discourse on our future. They are interlinked with other sub-narratives such as “The collapse of the Euro”, “Global warming”, “Overpopulation”, “Future Wars will be over water”, “clash of civilisations” and so on.

And all 3 of these basic assumptions that form the foundation of all public deliberations over our planetary future are totally wrong!

1. Money

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”  Thomas Jefferson

We human beings tend to produce more than we consume because we are intelligent and able to increase our productivity by a few percent every year. Industrial automation has enabled us to produce most goods at an amazing speed and with minimal requirement of hard manual labour. We can then decide what to do with our surplus production. Most likely we would exchange it with the surplus of some other goods that someone else has produced. The explosion in productivity was so strong in the 1950s and 60s that people were widely anticipating a society of leisure and contemplation for the immediate future. (That would have been now)
Why has this not happened? Why are people in the US and other “First World economies” taking on second jobs and still can’t pay the bills when in the 50s one gainfully empoyed breadwinner had no problem supporting his whole family with ease?
What has happend to our dream of abundance and easy living?
A rational financial system that serves the interest of the people would provide a means of exchange that organically grows with our ability to produce goods or services that other people want to exchange against what they have to offer.

Instead we have a system that is based on debt, where all money is created out of thin air as a debt and has to be repaid at interest. This has introduced a systemic suction into the system that is constantly transferring wealth from those who produce real goods or services to those who have “somehow” gained the monopoly to create money out of thin air and then charge interest on it. Essentially a licensed pyramid scheme, this system is the only reason why we experience economic crises despite our rising ability to produce an abundance goods and services.
It’s a breathtaking scheme and it is probably the most fundamental fraud commited on humankind. If we correct this one, the other 2 will be relatively easy.
A brilliant history of the financial tyranny has been compiled by David Wilcock here.
We need to change this and we can.
The first step would be to give the power to create money back to the people. That is in their organised form as the nation state. The one thing that should really be nationalised are the banks. All of them. The big ones (To Big To Fail) are only surviving on state bailouts now anyways. That is money that has been created out of absolute nonexistence by the privately owned Federal Reserve System and lent to the American taxpayer at interest in order to bail out the same banks that own the Federal Reserve system. Isn’t that all funny?
Whether this money should be backed by gold or other assets, I cannot decide.
Apparently the 2 world wars were mostly a cover for violently taking the bulk of the world’s gold reserves out of circulation so as not to have any more competition for the debt based fiat currency system to come with Bretton Woods. Whenever someone was trying to create a gold backed currency in order to escape the extraction scheme of Bretton Woods, he got bombed or ousted. (see Gadhafi, Soekarno, Iran)
But it should be brought into circulation without interest. See

2. Energy
We live in an ocean of abundant energy. There is nothing but energy. The perception of dense matter is an illusion. It does not matter if you call this omnipresent stuff out of which the illusion of matter is “made” orgone, ether, zero point or whatever. There is only energy and consciousness and maybe the 2 are essentially the same.
So how can we be short of energy?
We aren’t of course. New processes of conversion, of tapping into the gigantic ceaseless swirl of vortices within vortices within vortices of energy can be devised based on the emerging new understanding of physics.
Wilhelm Reich went a long way to start a new cosmology based on the observation that all energy moves in spiral vortices and that the same principles of motion apply to amoeba as to galaxies.
If you are interested in the emerging scientific paradigm, I really recommed this book as it also connects Orgone Energy and of course Orgonite to this broader new understanding.

Wilhelm Reich - Cosmic superimposition
A must read

Countless discoveries of processes that seem to contradict our presently understood “laws of physics” have occured in the last 150-200 years but none of them were allowed into the public domain.
However, “The race for zero point” is on and a critical mass of inventions to big to be ignored or continually supressed is in the process of being developped towards mass production.
The proponents of “New Energy Technologies” have also become smarter and more aware of the forces they have to overcome.

The race to zero point
In case you haven’t seen this, you should. I think this movie is from the 90′s and yet it still stands as an unfulfilled promise. Bookmark for later viewing in Youtube and view all 8 clips. It’s worth it if you are not aware of what level of development in FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES we already had in the 90s.

The one that seams easiest to realise on a massive scale is the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen by means of vibrational resonance. (Hydrogen on demand) This process uses a lot less external energy input than the burning of the hydrogen can liberate. I am aware of several inventors worldwide that have successfully demonstrated such processes.
Stan Meyer had a car based on a hydrogen on demand process that allowed him to traverse the entire United States with only water in the tank without any other source of energy and that was in the 1990s.
Stan meyers water car en route - only water needed to power it
Stanley Meyer’s car en route across the USA – running on water only. This was in the 1990s!

There are many other processes that show promise, based on magnetism or straight tapping into the quantum fluctuation (moving orgone) via a plethora of electronic circuitry, arrangements of coils and whatever. But the hydrogen process is so close to breakout because it can re-utilise most of our existing technlogy. All our vehicles and motors which are based on internal combustion engines or heat for steam generation to produce electrical power can work with hydrogen. This could be scaled up to power the world as we know it within no more than 5 years while we are trying to understand those other, more exotic “free energy processes”.

3. Food
Scarcity of food is probably one of humanity’s primordial fears. Yapping for food and fearing that we can’t get enough may even be hard wired into the reptilian core of our brain. Combined with the other major paradigms of scarcity, where we have to use crude fossil or nuclear fuel burning technologies to create the energy we need to feed an ever accelerating circle of credit generation and debt repayment, we feel that there are too many of us and hence engage in genocidal fanatasies which may become very outspoken in the minds of exponents of the controlling elite (“culling of useless eaters”, Kissinger et al.) or just a subconsciously held conviction “that there are too many of us”. This thought is widely shared amongst even the people who think of themselves as the “consiousness movement”.
But are there?
Someone has already made the case a few years ago that the whole present population of the world can be fed with intense organic agriculture (permaculture) on an area the size of half the US state of Texas. Wow!

Overpopulation myth
All 7 billion earthlings could comfortably live and be fed in the state of Texas and the rest of the planet would stay empty. So where is the problem then?

Apart from that, we can easily reclaim deserts with orgonite. Our Namibia expedition in 2004 has shown that and the subsequent greening of the Kalahari in Botswana and South Africa is pointing in the same direction.
So, with all reason for pollution and excessive use of resources gone, we could easily accommodate twice the number of present humans and still have pristine beaches and large areas of beautiful well managed garden like landscapes of intense organic agriculture, parks, forests and clean and alive rivers.
With non-polluting transport and energy production we can look at a bright future on this verdant planet of abundance, especially once the pressure from the parasitic financial system is removed that presently forces us to produce ever mounting avalanches of toxic rubbish only to repay yesterdays imaginary debts.

abundance is our natural state
Abundance is our natural state

This future is ours for the taking. all we have to do is understand that it’s possible and then start building it right away.

Orgonite is just a small facet in this global turn around but an important one as it helps lift the fog of mind control and deception as well as counteracting the anti life effects of the entropy based paradigm. But it’s time now to start building real freedom.

Large parts of the “elite” (seen as the upper income strata with superior education and in relative positions of power and intellectual influence) are not necessarily evil, but just truly afraid of overpopulation, pollution and resource depletion. Despite superiour access to information they have been brainwashed into this paradigm of fear. They have bought the story hook line and sinker. Any paradigm shift starts as a thought, a new possibility embraced by a rising number of people.
To convince large parts of the “upper crust” in the West that worldwide prosperity is possible and that clinging to control at all cost is not furthering their own interest is one of the avenues of change to pursue.

Freedom is possible!

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Zappers and the FDA

Zappers and the FDA

Again and again we are asked if our zappers will cure this or that disease which puts us in a dilemma. Under the increasingly draconian rules of the international “health fascist” regime of FDA and their BIG PHARMA SPONSORED consorts, it is allowed to put neurotoxic artificial sweeteners into food and still call it organic, but not to make any claims of medical benefits for any product “unapproved by the relevant authorities”. Lately a distributor of good old cherries had to feel the brunt of this regime when he claimed what everybody even slightly educated in natural health knows: That cherries help with joint pain and inflammation… In other words: Selling a product like the zapper is fraught with some delicacy. The so called health authorities are becoming increasingly belligerent when it comes to any alternative product whatsoever. This prohibitive activity is inversely proportional to the general health revolution that is taking place worldwide. People are taking back responsibility for their health in increasing numbers and turn away from the standard answers that conventional medicine is giving to almost any problem.
Funny enough, the paradigm is the same misguided one we observe in toxic agriculture that is destroying our soils and habitats.

Slash – burn – poison

is the trilogy that best describes the approach of the establishment to the problem of dealing with living beings. In the case of medicine read “Operate – radiate – medicate”. The motto of any effective alternative medicine could better be described as “poison out – good stuff in” or “detox – feed – regenerate”.
Alternative medicine is largely based on collective experience, not mechanistic science and not double blind studies with huge budgets.
It is not necessary to prove that Valerian tincture has a soothing, calming effect and helps to find sleep while being pretty harmless in terms of unwanted side effects.
It’s been used for thousands of years.
And yet the Health Nazis – pretending to act in your interest and for your safety – want to apply the principles that have been established to test synthetic and potentially highly toxic drugs on pretty much all foods and nutritional supplements as soon as someone goes out and claims any health benefit whatsoever.
So we have decided to not claim any general benefits. The only thing we can do is point to individual experiences that users have reported and that we deem truthful.

We can also report the research that has gone into similar devices by people like Hulda R Clark, but also independent clinical research on the effects of weak electric current.
We can draw our conclusions and speculate as long as we do not make claims.

Maybe some day in the future we might have the funds to conduct large comparative studies, treating people with so called AIDS (a difficult story that) with zappers and nutritional therapy a la Tine V/D Maas, as compared to the orthodox remedies  such as Antiretrovirals. I would however have ethical problems with giving anyone Antiretrovirals. If we don’t get killed while doing it, I’m sure the results would be overwhelmingly in favour of our approach.

The ridiculous notion here is that toxic or better deadly medicines like Nevirapine got approved on slim statistical odds of 2 or 3 more survivors than the untreated control group. Then in some cases it was even shown that fatalities (deaths) were wrongly attributed to the untreated group. So the so called “science based medicine” that is always upheld like a magical mantra by the defenders of orthodoxy is largely based on fraud. But when a single person who has already been given up for dead by the medical establishment dies despite the best efforts of a natural healer, the healer will have difficulties to stay out of jail. Being a conformist doctor is equal with a license to kill as long as you follow WHO approved protocol.

Nuff of this? OK, let’s go then:

Why we make zappers

With our personal discovery of orgone came our friendship with Don Croft. We had one of his Terminator zappers in 2002 and when a friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid, we lent it to her. Wonder, wonder, the cancer was gone within  6 weeks. In fact the eager oncologist who was pushing Norma to have the thyroid removed (slashed) couldn’t detect it any more. We had started making orgonite already, first for our own gifting and then started offering it on the Internet.
We asked Don if he would mind if we built a zapper along the principles of his Terminator model. Don agreed and in fact enthusiastically supported our project from the beginning, even correcting some flaws that our models initially had.
The principle of the orgone gifting movement has been “open source” from the word go and that’s probably the secret of it’s persistent growth and continued survival.
Within our community there is a fine balance between respect for someone’s invention or contribution and the general availability of all the principal ideas for copying.
Old paradigm free energy inventors often got economically destroyed, socially isolated, bought out or even outrightly killed because they believed in securing exclusive intellectual property rights etc. They were still trusting the system and felt entitled to enjoy the full financial benefit of their lifechanging inventions of which they were rightly convinced they could change the fate of humankind.
They were of course naive and their bad experience with the system was necessary for the new generation to adopt open source principles.
The orgonite movement now rests on so many shoulders that it’s impossible for the system to root it out by killing or otherwise incapacitating one or the other proponent.

The same can be said for the orgone zapper even though not to the same extent.
Thanks Don, for sharing your experience and knowledge with us!

A zapper is simple

There is nothing mysterious about zappers. Hulda Clark was not the first, but the most widely read scientist who propagated pulsed direct currents as a cure for many diseases. Our friend Dr. Kizito, a Ugandan doctor trained in sports medicine in the then Soviet Union, told us that the Soviets were regularly using zapper-like devices for wound healing and tissue regeneration.
But even in South African bush lore, experienced safari hands would tell us that they knew from experience that snake bites could be treated successfully by zapping yourself with the jump start cable from your car battery.
More research was done even in the West, when in the 1990s several studies were published in the British Journal of Cancer, indicating a potential healing effect of weak electric current in several cancers of cancer, leukemia and melanoma.

Even mainstream scientists can discover the truth

Hulda Clark’s impressive body of case studies as published in her various books, first and foremost “the cure for all diseases“, serves as further support of our argument that the efficacy of zapping has been established in principle beyond reasonable doubt. Of course this will be disputed by her detractors and the FDA who drove Mme. Clark out of the US and forced her to continue her research in Mexico. But since when is brute force a scientific argument? Not in my book at least.
Small differences between the zappers normally offered as Hulda Clark type devices and ours are irrelevant in this context. For example the more orthodox adherents to Hulda Clark’s ideas (she sadly passed away a few years ago) prefer a pulsing frequency of about 1000 Hz (pulses per second) while we run ours at approx. 15 Hz. Don Croft was the one pioneering this lower frequency and it seems to penetrate the membranes of the intestines much better than the higher frequencies. Quite logical when you think of the New World Order Army’s ground penetrating GWEN “emergency communication  network” that works on extremely low frequencies.

Why do they work?

People regularly get wound up on the frequency issue BTW, because it is very common to mistake the zapper for a frequency resonance device which it isn’t.
Hulda Clark has contributed to that confusion although she says very clearly that any frequency between 10 and 30,000 Hz will be effective. (see for example The Cure for all Diseases p.14)
The working principle of a zapper is not based on any specific frequency that would resonate with any specific pathogen and kill it. That’s the idea being so called “Rife machines”, named after the late Royal Rife who discovered the principle of frequency resonance in parasitic organisms and used it successfully for healing. Royal Rife’s research was valid but it’s a different story altogether.
A zapper simply charges the body with electrons, whereby the skin seems to act as a capacitor.
Such a charge with electrons is called a negative charge or ionisation, which does of course not imply a moral judgment like when we talk of “negative energies” (totally different story, that).
It just seems that pathogenic or say parasitic organisms do not like this negative ionisation, just like they do not like an alkaline environment.
They simply shrivel and die.
That is even true for cancer cells that behave like alien organisms in our bodies.
But more dramatically, doctors in the US who have been using zappers (a courageous few) have reported how, immediately after first zapping small white worms were breaking the skin of their patients, fleeing a suddenly uninhabitable environment.
According to the CDC, the average American carries about a pound of living parasites in average. Isn’t that disgusting?
The role of parasites in disease forming is totally under reported in conventional medicine and no attention is paid to their presence.
Dr. Hulda Clark saw parasites and toxins in their mutually enhancing interplay as the main reason for practically all diseases, with the toxins making the membranes in the digestive tract permeable for those parasites that traditionally never infected humans. Parasites in turn carry bacteria and viruses.

A zapper makes short shrift of these critters.

the zapper killed all these worms within minutes
Photograph of worms killed in the first few minutes of zapping during a colonic irrigation treatment

Of course those with a heavy load of living parasites or cancer cells will experience initial discomfort when zapping. That’s only logical. Imagine one pound of “creepy crawlies” dying off within hours and releasing their load of viral and bacterial passenger organisms into the blood. That surprises some people who have been carrying all this stuff but been largely “asymptomatic” because their vital energies have so far been able to withstand the onslaught. One guy, who obviously has never heard the word “healing crisis” in his life, wrote me a letter saying the zapper had made him sick while previously he had been totally healthy. Honestly, a zapper cannot make you sick. How should it? It’s just a weak current of no more than 9V in the peak. The only thing that makes some people feel sick for only limited time is the load of toxins the body has to deal with after the mass demise of unwanted blind passengers. Of course the bacteria and viruses also get killed quite quickly but that leaves the body with a lot of residue to eliminate, some of it pretty toxic.

That’s where the orgone aspect of the zapper comes in: The killing of parasites can be achieved with any simple zapper, including our own little cost effective model. The orgonite is not needed for that. Even the unnecessarily expensive frequency scanning models from some manufacturers will do that, even though they are in error about the necessity of frequency changes. Zapping is just such a robust concept, that it will always have a positive effect. You can even take your car battery, hold on to one pole and tap a finger on the other one. Simple as that.
Since that is rather inconvenient, we make zappers that you can wear on your body while doing other stuff.

The orgonite and other energetic components however are helping the body’s self healing capacity and thereby considerably ease the potential discomfort of zapping. One could make the distinction here between “curing” and “healing“. (“Curing” of course being a prohibited word due to the above mentioned health Nazis)
In that distinction, the elimination of parasites and other unwanted organisms would be the “curing” part while the regeneration of tissue and restoration of the body’s full vitality the “healing” part. An orgone zapper is a lot more potent on the healing side while matching any common zapper model on the “curing” side.

Our own feedback that we get from our users is equally positive but surely qualifies only as anecdotal. It is however quite impressive.
You will find some testimonials here a lot more recent ones here and finally I invite you to read the reviews people have submitted on our Website for the El Silverado Orgone Zapper and the Standard Orgone Zapper.

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Money makes the world go round

Money makes the world go round

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

Lots of people around the globe now live in fear of the financial crisis. Or they are already affected by job loss, reduced income, shrinkage of their business. Daily we get bombarded with statements about the dire consequences of the “Euro meltdown”. Before that it was the US downgrade and debt ceiling… And even before that, there was the “subprime mortgage crisis” leading to the “2008 financial crisis”. Always something ominous threatening your future prospects of prosperity or even your livelihood. Crisis after crisis in other words and no light at the end of the tunnel…

Euro crisis - entirely maufactured to create fascist Eiro Superstate
The latest scare crow to make us cede more control to a fascist superbureaucracy

Does it really have to be like this?

Lots of<br /> money - it's all an illusion or call it<br /> "consensual reality"

Who makes our money?

And that’s exactly the intention of the dark forces pulling the strings behind the scenes. They want us to live in fear and in the process they want to shake us out of even more of what we still own, gain even more control and get even closer to their fascist global super state, which they have been working towards, one step at a time. The financial system is central to the global power structure. My own wake up process started in earnest about 11 years ago with an inquiry into the nature of the financial system, about 1 or 2 years before we started what should become Orgonise Africa. Yes, I did know about Wilhelm Reich before, yes, I had meditated before and done yoga and stuff like that, but the bigger vista of how different this planet is organised from what we may have learnt at school was triggered by my simple inquiry “what is money?”.
In fact I really went to the public library and searched for books on the subject. Surprisingly there were many books on how to manage finances on a personal, business and national or supranational level, but not a single book on what money actually is and how it is generated.
I was later to find out that I was not alone in my ignorance and that this ignorance is really central  to the continued compliance of the majority with the system.

The great extraction scheme

Books like “The Federal Reserve System” by Eustace Mullins, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin and various more broad themed books by conspiracy researchers like Gary Allen, (“None dare call it conspiracy”) Jim Marrs (“rule by Secrecy”) or David Icke (“And the Truth shall set you free” and following) did cast some light on the real situation after that. I’ve probably read most of the more important conspiracy research books of any kind by now and amalgamated the information into a relatively coherent picture of what’s going on, at least on the level of so called 3D-reality. Essentially, we know now that money is generated by private banks out of thin air and lent into the economy at interest. These commercial banks operate under license of their respective “Central Bank” that looks like a state institution, but is in fact a “public private partnership” owned by a very small number of elite banking families.

euro crisis - the ultimate fear factor

Our nightmarish reality: humans as batteries feeding the matrix

And yes you heard it right: They do not own the money they lend to you, they do not have to borrow it from the “Central Bank” either. They create it the moment they lend it to you. Yes, admittedly they have to balance their books. Banks can go bankrupt. Your indebtedness to them and any collateral you were forced to pledge to back the loan are counting as “activa” in their books against the money that they just created, the “passiva”. So, in a way the banking system has become a machine to monetize material goods that function as collateral. You “buy” a car on hire purchase? The car is the material collateral allowing (together with your income that shows your ability to repay the loan) for the creation of the money to buy that car. Same if you buy a house or a company invests in new production facilities. The bank needs about 10% of cash as a reserve (That’s why our system is also called “fractional reserve banking)  to generate a 100% loan. Most amazingly, now that the new money is created by loaning it out, it becomes a new cash deposit somewhere, maybe in the same or another bank that is part of the same system, allowing another 10x that amount to be generated. That way a snowball effect is generated that can lead to generating of unlimited credit, provided the banks want it to happen and economic data of the borrowers support it.

Money out of thin air – to be repaid at interest

All the money that is created in that way has to be repaid at interest and is thus sucked out of the system again at a higher rate than the original injection. This is the reason why our economic system is forced to constantly grow or else falter. Only if the sum of economic activities and new money created is always bigger next year than last, can the debt incurred last year and before be serviced and some growth still experienced. To a certain degree money is also created without collateral as personal loans, bank overdrafts or credit card debt. In that case “YOU” become the collatteral, or rather your assumed capacity to repay.

Banksters are legalise counterfeiters

Banksters at what they do best: "making" money. (so true)

Since the beginning of the envirommental movement, people have naively questioned the economic growth paradigm, asking questions like: “why do we always have to have more every year?” “Why does the economy always have to grow?” “Don’t we all have enough already?” These are of course legitimate questions, especially for the youth of the 1970s (that for example me) in first world countries who had never experienced scarcity in their lives. There was of course an instinctive perception of the destructive power of this system but no real understanding of what causes it.

A parasite can only grow or die

This banking system is in place in practically all countries allthough in some countries the central bank may be state owned. The Bank of England for example, founded and owned by the Rothschild banking family in 1694 was nationalised in 1946, but under condition that the Rothschilds would still nominate it’s governour. Control in this case is more important than ownership. You will not be surprised to hear that those countries not yet fully integrated into this system are the same ones that the “Western Powers” are regularly setting up as targets for “regime change”.
To name a few: Libya (until recently), Syria, Iran, North Korea… (you get the picture, eh?)

The first thing the NATO sponsored “rebels” (mercenaries and thieves would be more accurate) had in Libya was THEIR OWN RESERVE BANK. That was the first time, a rebel movement had a central bank before they even had a state.

Bank for International settlement

A rather inconspicuous building in Basel houses the Bank of the banksters: BIS. I hope someone has gifted it yet!

The system of mostly privately owned “national” central banks is “crowned” by 3 institutions that are equally private in nature. The IMF, the World Bank and the BIS. (owned by the member banks) While the IMF and World bank are more busy with creating dependance and misery in the 3rd world, the BIS is the “bankers’ bank”. Just like the “national” central banks create the frame work in which commercial banks have to operate, the BIS creates the rules under which all national central banks and the subordinated commercial banks operate. Because this highly secretive and discreet organisation is located in Basel, Switzerland, the recent sets of rules for banks are also referred to as Basel I, Basel II, III etc..

fungus<br /> growing in houses

This fungus thrives in damp, ill constructed houses. It eventually breaks down the whole house, sucking the nutrients out of timber and masonry through it's mycels that can become 20metres long. Bring your house in order and the parasite dies.

They are symptomatic for how corporate rules take on the appearance of actual law while never having been subject to parliamentary approval of any country where they are applied. In fact, adherence to these rules is voluntary, but any bank that wouldn’t, would quickly be out of business, because the rating agencies who are run by the same people (of course) would downgrade their risk rating so fast, they wouldn’t even have time to say the word “bankruptcy”. So, compliance is pretty much 100%. A typical field of BIS regulation is the lending/reserve ratio that determines how much credit banks are allowed to create out of thin air in relation to their actual cash reserves, assets etc.. This has been constantly tightened in the last few years. Ostensibly in the interest of more sound economical principles. These are slogans that appeal to the economically half educated midfdle class world wide of course. But what it does is constrict credit, leading to the marginal borrowers feeling strain. (“subprime risk home owners, nation states like Greece etc) The bubble always burtst at the weakest point of course. The decision when to tighten or not is entirely willful and arbirtrary. No natural laws at work there at all.

Problem – reaction – solution

(how they get us where they want us)

David Icke aptly compares the cycles of boom and bust with the actions of a fisherman: When casting out, the bankers pump money into the economy, everybody starts producing, consuming. New factories are built, everything is humming with activity. New wealth and assets are created. Then the fisherman (the banks) reels in. Credit suddenly gets scarce, money in circulation becomes less. People consume less. Businesses falter, stock prices collapse, tensions in the system rise to unbearable levels. Often downturn cycles like that are leading to an eruption in War, a perfect way for the string pullers to mold the political landscape even more to their liking.
Then all floodgates of new debt creation are suddenly opened again, a bizarre fiesta ofdestruction starts and afterwards there is so much to rebuild, but the ownership structures are forever more concentrated, the political landscape is completely changed.

The rhythmical milking movement of "boom and bust" cycles

The “Great depression in 1928″ was the perfect example, culminating in the worldwide destruction of WWII that created the large economic and political Blocks (NATO, Warsaw Pact, EU, UN) that were needed as stepping stones to the one world government the elite is trying to erect. In other words, money is the stranglehold, the self proclaimed elite has on humankind. But only as long as we buy into their story and accept the rules that they have set up for us as some kind of natural law.

Our liberation (and that’s what we want to achieve in 2012, don’t we?) will therefore depend on us understanding the illusionary nature of our bondage and then stepping out of our cage, to begin that wonderful life of abundance that we all want.

Now, in order to tighten their grip on the world and get more control they create “crises” on a regular basis. These have nothing to do with the possible reckless spending or fraudulent accounting of the corrupt Greek government. (or any other, equally corrupt government) It is a decision by those who pull the strings to make credit scarce, thereby reducing the money in circulation and thus creating economic contraction.
Simple as that. The proposed austerity measures will make it worse. (If they wanted they could just continue printing money and make this go on indefinitely. It’s a fraudulent pyramid scheme anyways, so who cares…

That way they get low-low stock prices, many businesses go under and their assets can be gobbled up by the “strong hands” (the sytem affiliated insiders) at rock bottom prices. Misery, doom and gloom spread in the population and the next step into the fascist super state can be forced upon the fearful populace as the “solution” to the crisis.

David Icke, whatever other shortcomings he may have, definitely described this mechanism like nobody else: He calls it the “problem-reaction-solution” pattern, where those who wish for a certain outcome create a problem (the debt crisis) then get a strong reaction (economic fear, the strong wish to return to stability at almost any price) and then present a solution that would have otherwise never been accepted by the victims of the scam. In the case of the Euro crisis this monster is called “European Stability Mechanism” (ESM) and it creates a fund that is above the law of any participating country and overrules any souverign decision by member states. Once a country has signed for it, they can never get out and their parliaments are powerless to alter any of the rules. Bingo!

It is funny how they got us hooked on it, but obviously it’s using our own greed to make us want to be the hamsters in the wheel. So it’s also a spritual problem for us to withdraw our support.

There are basically three schools of thought that seem to be total opposites but share the perception of the problem.

1. Return to gold money

This is normally promoted by the classical Ayn Rand libertarians, most prominently by Ron Paul and the “Tea Party” guys. Basically the idea is to restore real economic freedom.
By returning to a real standard of money, the power to create false credit backed on corrupt state backed monopolies to create money out of nothing, this would create inflation free wealth in the hand of those who produce. Private currencies would be free to compete without any “legal tender laws” and the market (the people) would be free to chose which currency they trust more. Of course there would be no FED. So, even those who would cheat with the gold backing would be punished by the market, accepting them only at a discount.

Gold money, gold coins, gold currency

Gold Money - at least it's buying power has been more or less stable. But does it solve the problem of concentration of power in few hands?

The disadvantage is that the interests that have run our current system to their sole advantage have also hoarded most of the gold and would still exert unbelievable power.

2. Public banking

I think this is the most attractive immediate solution. What it means is that the state as representative of the “We the People” and in our combined interest, re-asserts the privilege to be the sole generator of new money. It can do so by founding state owned banks under existing banking laws that get state owned assets as backing to create credit under the existing system. The state bank of North Dakota is one such institution that competes with the large commercial banks but is specifically geared to generate credit for local investment and plows it’s profits back into the state budget of North Dakota.

As a result the US state of North Dakota is the only one that recorded net gain of  employment  in the last decade and is in a general state of prosperity. No problems with paying it’s civil servants! This is only the most immediate version where the banking system as such is not put in question. The next step would be to abolish the FED (nationalise it) and take away the credit generating powers from private banks. They can still have some function in channeling loans to enterprises or holding deposits. The nation state would then generate the currency needed to fund all infrastructure and public works as well as any public services by itself at no interest, getting this money to circulate in the broader economy. This could be augmented by municipal and provincial institutions under control of local communities to avoid unsavoury power concentration.

The to “large to fail” US banks, essentially a pyramid scheme on the werge of collapse, have been bailed out at a cost of 13 trillion fake US dollar created out of nothing but to be repaid by the labour and sweat of the 280 million “indentured tax slaves” called the US population. If that money had been given to each US citizen from 0-100+ years, it would have meant a cash donation of USD 40,000 for each and everyone. Imagine the wave of prosperity and stimulus that would have created. To hell with the banks! Many of them would have been saved by the by because their defaulting mortgages would suddenly have been served again and a lot of other “bad debt” could have been cancelled as well…

Of course this will have the whole bunch of bankster – indoctrinated “London School of Economics” economists screaming on the barricades immediately. They have been trained to consider just this as the greatest sin on earth. I believe it is principally right because we cannot have a private “for profit” monopoly that is protected by the might of an increasingly fascist state. The argument against a pubic banking model is normally that it’s “Socialist or communist” in approach and that wouldn’t work. I think banking is just the only thing that really needs to be nationalised. After all, the present situation uses the power of the state to enforce an increasingly destructive private extraction scheme. Under a well organised public banking regime there would probably be no need for taxation. The danger lies in who occupies the levers of power in such a set up of course. The chances for abuse are there and checks and balances would have to be built in.

Still it seems the most workable alternative to the present quagmire. That’s unless we reach a state of maturity (hmmm..) that woud enable us to go directly to step 3…

3. Or maybe we need no Money at all

Our friend Michael Tellinger is a big proponent of this. He calls it “Contributionism”. Basically, the idea is that if one wants to get rid of an evil it has to be eradicated completely, not just made to work better. So, Michael thinks that all humans have it in them to contribute their best and no means of exchange is necessary to ensure that everybody gets what they need and want. With all financial incentive lost for control of resources and supression of free energy, the human spirit would blossom and paradise would be created almost automatically.

Michael Tellinger - Adams Calender

Michael Tellinger with one of our mysterious Southern African megaliths

While we have never hesitated to href=””>make

our contribution to this paradise, I’m not sure if
this can work for all people on this planet immediately.
I also believe that money has an aspect of freedom and
independence in it that we should not throw away
Other than our dear friend who believes that money
should be eliminated completely and more or less
immediately, I think we should first think about how we
can take the destructiveness out of the system and “tilt
the table in favour of the people”.

We might or might not ever achieve a degree of spiritual
maturity where everybody produces what everybody else
needs and shares it on a voluntary basis, but I don’t
see that happening immediately.
In the meantime we need to do something that stops the
negative dynamics of the present debt based system of
generating money.

Whatever it is, we can do it!

I think for now we should strive for something that style=”font-style: italic;”>tilts the playing field
in favour of “We The People” and creates a positive

dynamic. I think the public banking idea is very do-able and can be implemented in stages without violent disruption of the day to day economy. Surely, ending theblockage of free energy technology and the stranglehold of the pharmaceutical-petrochemical-military complex is an important element of our liberation. These are the same people who control the money, so taking that away from them, it becomes much more difficult for them to contiue to force us to swallow their poison and burn their oil.

The most essential lesson is:

The future looks exactly the way we want it

We can peacefully wrest command from the barren and bony hands of our deathmongering  wannabe rulers. They already know that their days are numbered and are dead afraid of loosing control. Probably it is their fear of our revenge that drives them to cling to power so ferrociously.
So, what if we tell them they need not worry.

In my world they don’t even have to give up their property (unless it’s outrightly stolen) All we need to do is change the rules so that those that produce real value for others get the resources to do more of the good work.

Lakshmi - the goddess of prosperity

Abundance and prosperity are the natural state of free humans. It is easy for us to produce a lot more than we
need and thereby create the free space and time for contemplation, art and spiritual development.

And maybe then, a few years later when we have learnt to use the illusion of money in our favour, can we do the next step and create a cooperative contributionist society of freedom and happiness.

I’m sure Orgonite will play a major role in bringing this about.

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