I meant to write this much earlier, when the wave of euphoria over Obama's election was still fresh. Surely politics is mostly symbolic, so the election of a "black" man (whatever his lilly white upbringing) has a symbolic value for African Americans and Africans in general. Here in South Africa it created quite a stir. The day after the election I spent some time in the sauna of my gym, talking to a black business man who was so excited he had not slept the whole night while results were pouring in. Also an almost 80% voter turnout is a significant difference from the previous decades when hardly 50% of Americans went to cast their vote.


Our real fear is that this build up of hope is going to be used in a cruel mind control ploy. Remember how trauma based mind control works?


Let them build up hope and then traumatise them thoroughly! Shoot the guy in front of running cameras and blame it on whoever you want to point out as the next big enemy. Maybe an "

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