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  1. Planet of Wonders

    A first glimpse of our recent orgonite gifting trip to the Southern Cape Easter 2010. We enjoyed it so much and saw so many beautiful places, hence the title...


    Orgonite does wonders. It brings about the lumininosity and beauty of this truly wonder-ful(l) planet we are allowed to roam. Roaming it and tossing some orgonite is even more fun!



    Here another highlight: A near perfect circle of 25 TBs around a pyramid on the top of Gamka Mountain to appease the spirits of an ancient burial site that was disturbed by colonial settlers..

    An almost perfect circle of

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  2. Global Warming or Climate Change?

    Mar 20, 2010 



    Global Warming Yadda-Yadda, undisturbed by facts

    Why are we so insistent on poking into this Global Warming story? Do we have no heart for our beloved planet? Are we after all secretly in bed with the Oil Industry? You bet I'm counting my dirty petro dollars in some dimly lit back office right now! The story of "Global Warming" is a key element in the present elite's scare tactics to achieve global government under their control.

    It is presented as a heartwrenching scenario where no well meaning individual could possibly resist the call to defend "Gaia" against our own irresponsible destructive belching out of cabon dioxide gases.


    "You're either with us or against us"  is the battle cry first launched in this present round by George Bush Sr. during Gulf War I and repeated by the whole chorus of Rockefeller and Rothschild sponsored eco fascists.

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  3. Fake Quake in Haiti (contd.)

    Reading the newspaper is an old habit that dies hard. Although devoid of any real information or honest journalism, newspapers do occasionally and always inadvertently provide hints as to what is really going on. I read them like we were told Soviet dissidents used to read "Pravda" in the stern times of Breshnev or Chrustchev:

    Read between The Lines!

    Then, in the 70s and 80s, I would still tend to believe that the Western Press was essentially free. Well, it never was. Didn't I tell you the Quake in Haiti was manmade? Whether or not you believe it was an American nuke or not, the motives are there. The technology is also there. Draw your own conclusions!

    I call this the school of discernment.

    We do not have the tools and resources to replace the humanguous falsification apparatus called the world press and media (Don calls it the "What To Think Network" or WTN) with truthful investigation of all incidents happening worldwide.

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  4. The Year of the Tiger


    The new website has now been up for a week and we are very happy with how it looks and also how it works.


    Teething pains


    A few small glitches have happened. For example the promised 20% discount was not on the whole period from 25.01 to 31.01. For that reason I have extended it to 7 February. If you ordered between 25.01 and 31.01 and the discount was not deducted, I will give you a credit to the amount of the missed discount for use in future orders.


    How do bulk discounts work?

    The bulk discounts of 10% for 5 , 20% for 10 and 30% for 30 are per prouct, not per item in your shopping basket. (Some people have apparently misunderstood that)


    So for example 30% would apply for 30 Orgone Zappers but

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  5. Was Haiti Earthquake a nuke or other exotic weapon?

    The article below is presently making the rounds on the net. If the information is true, it would confirm what our friends in the Chat have already seen psychically. I'm talking about the chat in the German Forum now. I'm not sure if the EW-psychics have identified the same.

    Precedent: Java 2005

    We are pretty sure that the Tsunami on 25 December 2005 that devastated Java was a nuke.

    There's not only "psychic seeing" as evidence but quite a bit more. Reports in the Indian "Times" about the untypical seismic signature of that quake were augmented by a first hand report from a friend who was there as part of a German rescue team. They measured heightened radiaoactivity on the beach and found that the corpses of the victims were not eaten by sharks and other fish, as there were no such fish around.



    Haiti Earthquake caused by nuke?

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  6. 2 attacks on the same day – coincidence?

    Coincidence 1:

    On December 25th Tina van der Maas, the lady who has had so much  success with her simple lemon, garlic and olive oil detox programme that she became "enemy of the state No. 1" has been attacked by hired thugs in her house the second time within a month.


    Coincidence 2:

    On the same day my wife, Friederike was attacked by car hijackers with guns and her car taken. Lovely Christmas, that! Obviously the evil forces are hellbent on intimidating anyone who brings some truth out. I just want to state it here for the record: We do not believe for one minute these are coincidences.


    Coincidence 3:

    On Saturday 26 at night an extremely violent lightning is shaking the house for 20 minutes or more.  The lightning strikes a large tree at our neighbou

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  7. Dr. Manto Tshabalala Msimang – fare well, honourable one!



    "...that you have many enemies, that know not why they are so, but, like to village-curs, bark when their fellows do"

    William Shakespeare, Henry VIII

    On 16 December 2009, celebrated as day of reconciliation in South Africa, the embattled former South African health minister Dr. Manto Tshabalala Msimang passed away. Our heart goes out to her relatives and loved ones and to all those who knew her and were uplifted by her kind heart and integrity.

    "...that you have many enemies, that know not why they are so, but, like to village-curs, bark when their fellows do"

    William Shakespeare, Henry VIII


    On 16 December 2009, celebrated as day of reconciliation in South Africa, the embattled former South African health minister Dr. Manto Tshabalala Msimang passed away. Our heart goes out to her relatives and loved ones and to all those who knew her and were u

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  8. Another dam "sabotaged" with orgonite

    Since our somewhat traumatic experience of imprisonment in Mozambique I've been wallowing in a "soft depression"  for a while.  Congrats to the evil forces! If their goal was to slow us down in our orgone-ite (formerly called orgonite) gifting spree here in Africa, they scored a goal or two. But did they win the tournament?
    I don't think so!
    Firstly the result of our trip and the successful orgone gifting of  Lake Cahora Bassa has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of the rainfall it has unlocked in the whole region.
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  9. World AIDS scam day

    Let us celebrate the apparent worldwide triumph of the lie! All dissidents have been silenced, at least cut off from any meaningful interaction with larger society.


    The late but almost complete triumph of "big brother" a la George Orwell.


    And those that know better shut up as they know the consequences of airing dissident views.


    The brutal and physical attack on Tina v/d Maas just 4 days "before the great day" is the very significant.


    If you haven't really read up on what's wrong with the ruling AIDS paradigm, get yourself the must-read books on the matter "Inventing the AIDS Virus" by Dr. Peter Duesberg and "Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola"  by Dr. Len Horowitz.


    I also recommend that you read Tina's website and make a donation to her asap. If you have a used laptop that you can spare, send it to her. Any type of suport is welcome.


    Her website

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  10. My Cell Phone Protective Charm




    Minishield on phone

    Minishield on phone

    In stories of wizards and sorcerors, magic amulets allowed long distance communication, glowed and had many other magical properties. Our modern day cell phones sound remarkably similar, but who would have thought that using them would have a price tag attached for health (ref Dr Mercola; cell phones biggest health risk since tobacco) ? As we become more and more amazed – and reliant – on finding our way using googlemaps on our phones, playing games, sms’sing for hours in chat rooms, writing email, we carry on touting cell phones even though many of us have that nagging feeling that something just isn’t right. 


    Some of us get really obvious symptoms, like a hot or sharp feeling in our hand, a headache, a

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